Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Need Now

She took out a pot of medicine mud, unscrewed the lid, put a bag of powder in it, shook the pot, saw the medicine powder quickly dissolved in the medicine mud, and quickly covered it back.

When Fang Xinxin turned and returned to the bedroom, Man Xue had put the medicinal mud back in her bag. She seemed to ask casually, "Sanmei, how long will the medicinal mud be applied on your face?"

"What does it have to do with you?"

"Didn't I care about you?" Fang Manxue said casually.

Originally, Fang Xinxin was the last day to apply medicinal mud, and she glanced at the position of her bag on the bunk, and the direction of the bag changed.

No one else in the bedroom, this **** moved her bag!

Thinking of Fang Manxue going to put hormones in her food, she added medicines that would cause facial allergies and acne into her cosmetics.

It made her fat and ugly in recent years.

Obviously, the second sister is doing the same thing again.

Fang Xinxin's heart was raging, but she pretended that she hadnt noticed anything on the surface. She deliberately broke off, "I have to apply this medicine mud for at least a month. The doctor said, after another month, the acne marks on my face will be removed. ."

Fang Manxue thought to himself, it would take a month.

This time she was not like before, only pediatrically letting the idiot get acne on the face.

As long as Fang Xinxin puts on the medicine mud three times, he will be disfigured forever! The amount in the jar is enough for an idiot to use it three or five times.

"It turns out that the scabs on your face have already taken off. It seems that your medicated mud is really effective." Manxue put on a suit.

"Yes." Fang Xinxin said naively, "the scab is gone, but there are still red marks on my face. This medicine was prescribed by Dr. Shi Qian, the first military doctor. If it weren't for the sake of Commander Bai, I You can't get such precious medicine."

"I look forward to the day when you, the third sister, will become beautiful." Fang Manxue patted Fang Xinxin on the shoulder, "I went to the cafeteria for dinner." After saying that, he left the bedroom in 2011 because he was in a good mood and his steps were brisk. .

Fang Xinxin waited for her to leave, walked to the dried up bunch of roses on the table, took out the phone that was recording the video from the bushes, and flipped through the scenes that had just been secretly taken.

Fang Manxue sneakily opened her bag and added "powder" to her pot of medicine clay.

She immediately called Chi Minzhe from the detective agency to come over and ask him to take the medicine mud to a special institution for testing.

Three hours later, Chi Minzhe called and said, "Miss Fang San, your second sister is so vicious! What she put into your medicine mud is not a gadget, but a forbidden drug in the black market. This medicine It is colorless and tasteless, and there is no pain. At first, it will only gradually make the skin lose the feeling, and the appearance will not be abnormal. However, as long as it is used three times, the face will become stiff and ulcerated, forming the surface of the moon. The same potholes and dead flesh, because the muscles and nerves are broken, it can't be treated at all. Simply put, using this stuff will disfigure your face for life!"

"Fuck!" Fang Xinxin cursed angrily. Fang Manxue is really vicious and out of a realm!

"Fuck me." Chi Minzhe said fearfully, "I don't sell myself by collecting money."

"Keep rolling, I'm not in the mood to joke with you." Fang Xinxin narrowed her eyes slightly, "Can you get this kind of powder?"

The second sister likes to wait on her face so much, how can she go back without responding?

Chi Minzhe said, "You can get all the dirty stuff like your second sister, and I'm not a problem. It will take three to five days for someone who is a bit concerned to buy."