Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 503

Chapter 503:

A lollipop is only two cents in exchange for money. Fang Manxue said aggrieved, "Two cents to send a beggar? If you don't multiply it by a thousand times, I won't say it."

[You really cheated money! ] Someone clamored below.

"My car is a Ferrari, and it costs more than four million yuan. If you multiply it by a thousand times, it will cost you two hundred yuan. The number of times I add fuel is counted in thousands. If you don't want to give it, I won't say it." She said. , Someone really rewarded her with 200 yuan.

"Thank you for sending the two hundred Hao gift, please accept my bow!" Fang Manxue said, really got up from the chair, twisted his waist and bowed to the video.

[Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and explode Bai Chenxi on how Fang Xinxin hooked. This message is repeatedly copied and sent.

"A pro can reward me with 200, so you can't reward me more?" Fang Manxue is very short of money recently. It is a little bit if he can make more money. "There are thousands of people in the live broadcast room, and you are all poor ghosts. ?"

Aroused by her, many men really started to pay for it. A few cents, one yuan, five yuan, ten yuan... the number of rewards increased.

Fang Manxue saw that the rewards totaled more than one thousand yuan. She pursed her lips happily at the screen and flirted with her eyes and flirted with kisses. "Thank you brothers and sisters who rewarded, whether you like it or not. Yes, I am very happy."

[Hey, I said Fang Manxue, do you want to say it? Don't worry about him! The scrolling message seems impatient.

How could Fang Manxue know these people? If she didn't say anything, the rewards would continue to increase.

So, she just dragged and hung, all kinds of pornographic episodes were interrupted, and when the total rewards reached 5,000 yuan, the number of people in the live broadcast room rose to 10,000. Everyone was really impatient, and she said, "I found a lot People dont know who Bai Chenxi is. Then let me talk about his background first. Bai Chenxi comes from the Bai family and is the adopted son of Bai Qinghaos uncle. Bai Qinghao has to call him a cousin..."

[Cousin shit, Commander White has never admitted. Don't even think about being dazzled by Commander White!

There are different sounds on the scrolling screen.

Fang Manxue chose to ignore, "Bai Chen hopes he is a talented person, handsome, elegant and handsome. If I hadn't promised Bai Qinghao in my early years, I would have liked Bai Chenxi if I didn't know it."

He said so, but he was very disdainful in his heart.

She would never be able to see Bai Chenxi, because at the moment he was adopted in the Bai family, he had confirmed that he had no inheritance rights. With the death of his adoptive father, he had no place in the Bai family.

Although the Bai family also gave him a lot of money to start a company, apart from a beautiful surname, he was just the boss of a medium-sized enterprise.

In order to make people believe that Fang Xinxin was derailed, he could only help Bai Chenxi's image.

Suddenly, the entire screen of the live broadcast room was bursting with a colorful burst of light, and it was accompanied by exciting vocals. This was someone who sent Fang Manxue a search for a virtual'aircraft carrier', worth 10,000 yuan. !

Fang Manxue stood up from the chair excitedly, bowed again to the account that gave Hao Li, and flirted with kisses, and praised all kinds of brothers that you are so generous and brothers are so nice.

[While rubbing, someone actually gave Bailian **** 10,000 oceans, and I dont know if there is feces in my mind...]

[Fang Manxue's live broadcast is the rhythm of going to sea? Maybe you want to sleep with her?

[Ten thousand yuan can sleep ten times. Is Fang Manxue worth this money?