Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 504

Chapter 504:

There was constant sarcasm on the screen. Fang Manxue had been accustomed to everyone's verbal abuse during this period of time, so I didn't care about it. Getting money was important.

Around 10,000 people are online in the live broadcast room, which is very popular.

She also knew that these people came to her to explode Fang Xinxin and Bai Chenxi's "material", depending on how she confessed to Commander Bai.

However, she didn't expect that someone would give her 10,000 yuan as soon as she made a move.

It seems that I am very attractive, and I haven't finished it yet.

Ding! With a sound, a text message came on her mobile phone.

Fang Manxue clicked on it and saw that it was a message from Bai Chenxi:

[We quarreled at the hotel that day and left in a hurry. For the sake of your praise of me, 10,000 yuan to accompany the sleeping fee, I paid you.

As soon as she read the information, she suddenly cocked her mouth.

It turned out that this 10,000 yuan was rewarded by a cheap man Bai Chenxi.

Sleeping fee, really treat her like a chicken!

She quickly edited a message and went back: [Bai Chenxi, don't mess with me. What accompany sleep fee, we have never slept!

[Fine. You continue. Bai Chenxi won't demolish her stage either, after all, his goal is Fang Xinxin. Fang Manxue sent him and Fang Xinxin together. Even if the commander had to settle the account, it would not be counted on him. Why not do it?

He immediately sent a message to Fang Xinxin:

[Xinxin, your second sister is on a live broadcast, she is talking about you, and she wants to confess your fianc. The address of the live broadcast room is...]

Fang Xinxin glanced at Bai Chenxi's text message received on her phone and curled her lips coldly.

On the other hand, on the screen of the live studio, Fang Manxue's procrastination has already aroused public anger. Not only is there no one to give money, but piles of flying are floating on the screen.

Fang Manxue adjusted his emotions and continued to speak in front of the live camera, "Dear handsome guys and beauties, stay calm, I'll just keep talking. Bai Chenxi is so'excellent', and my third sister has loved him since childhood. Secretly, I'm so obsessed with..."

[Speaking of speaking, just rely on your mouth to say that Fang Xinxin likes Bai Chenxi? Is there a real hammer? If yes, go to the account registered by Commander Ai Tebai at the Beijing University Forum.

[That is, Fang Xinxin made it clear that he had posted the most popular information back in Beijing University, saying that Commander Wang Bais back. Safe and secure crush on Commander White, you just open your mouth and change the mind of others, not afraid of lightning?

The crowds in the live broadcast room were not fools either, and they asked loudly.

Fang Manxue hated that the video of Fang Xinxin confessing to Bai Chenxi was thrown into the fish tank by Bai Qinghao. Otherwise, Bai Qinghao believed that Fang Xinxin was forced, and the masses might not believe it. That is the best real hammer.

just now

She could only take out two old photos and put them on the phone screen alternately one by one for everyone to watch, "Look at these photos..."

One is the moment when Bai Chenxi was sitting in the park and Fang Xinxin was peeking at him.

The other is the moment when Bai Chenxi was coming out of the courtyard gate of her house, and Fang Xinxin stood at the corner, peeking at Bai Chenxi.

Fang Xinxin in the photo seems to be only fourteen or five years old. "My third sister is now 19 years old. This is a photo of my third sister five or six years ago. It was a coincidence to see her staring at Bai Chenxi affectionately. Its not a coincidence that the two times are always coincidence? You look at the background of the photo again, one is that Bai Chenxi appeared in the park, and the other is at the door of the house. In two different locations, my third sister took the initiative to spy on others. Its not a secret love. Who will spy? I wont wrong my third sister. The evidence you want, this is the evidence of Chi Guoguo!"

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