Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 505

Chapter 505: Where Is Xin Grabbing? 1

Fang Xinxin got a tourist account and watched Fang Manxue send the so-called real hammer in the live broadcast room.

Continue to wait to see if there is any other "material".

After all, before rebirth, she did have a secret crush on Bai Chenxi, and she loved the wrong person, which was also related to Fang Manxue's secret instigation.

And Fang Manxue is a sinister person who will record videos and take photos behind her back.

I really don't know how much "evidence" Qi has done behind her back.

The two photos shown by Fang Manxue were immediately taken by netizens and forwarded to the Beijing University Forum, directly posting "@" Bai Qinghao's ID in Beijing University.

[Is there any other evidence? Someone asked Fang Manxue on the scrolling screen in the live broadcast room.

Man Xue was afraid of Bai Qinghao, and she didn't dare to say too much without evidence. After all, she really didn't have more evidence in her hand, "No more."

[The two photos accuse your third sister of empathy. The evidence is too thin, right? Besides, it was five or six years ago. Maybe, the little girl was ignorant at the time and was obsessed with the wrong man] Some netizens were talking like this.

Fang Manxue said, "My third sister is obsessed with Bai Chenxi by mistake. It is because it is a photo taken five or six years ago that she has secretly promised Bai Chenxi since she was a child."

The questioning sound appeared on the scrolling screen again. [But in the first hot post of Beijing University, Bai Si and Fang Xinxin look very affectionate.

Fang Manxue sighed, "So, it means my third sister has grown up. She may not have understood the importance of money, rights, and status. At the beginning, my third sister secretly promised Bai Chenxi, it was pure Feelings. Now..."

[You mean that your third sister is interested in the power of Commander Bai, and there is money? Too many people ask such questions.

Fang Manxue nodded, "It is true. Otherwise, I can't explain why my third sister changed her heart."

There was sorrow between her eyebrows, "Money and power can blind people's eyes, and the third sister can abandon the girls childhood sweetheart for rights and status. I wonder if she will change her heart again if there are higher branches in the future? Although there is no better way to marry I have given Commander White a higher branch, but my third sisters change of heart always makes me worry about being a sister, and also worrying about Commander White."

This speech was recorded by netizens and forwarded directly to the Beijing University Forum, again "@" Bai Qinghao's ID.

Netizens continued to roll the screen in the live broadcast room. Manxue responded in various ways. At the end, tears burst into tears. "I didnt expect to get so many netizens support and rewards. Yes, I made a mistake. , I shouldnt pretend to be Commander Bais fiance. The reason, Ive told you all, is that my three sisters have changed their minds. I am in good order. If it werent for my dads partiality, I should have been engaged to Bai Qinghao. Yes. She snatched the position of the wife of the commander who originally belonged to me. And I really liked Bai Qinghao since I was a child, and I have loved him for a long time. No one knows how much pain I feel when my fiance is robbed. This pain, I will suffer indelibly for a lifetime!"

Ewha's tearful confession was recorded and forwarded by netizens to Bai Qinghao.

And Fang Manxue actually received a lot of sympathy, and some people began to call Fang Xinxin a junior.

Fang Xinxin has been watching Fang Manxue's live broadcast to the end in the bedroom of Beijing University D1, building 2011.

Wu Jiatong, who was in the same bedroom, saw her displeased earlier, and said contemptuously, "Fang Xinxin, it turns out that your father, Commander Bai's fiance, took the throne of your father's favor!"