Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 507

Chapter 507: Bai Qinghao's Heart 1

A mocking smile appeared on Bai Qinghao's face covered by the shadows.

On the contrary, the two photos sent by Fang Manxue made his Bingsen pupils condensed with frosty anger, "Does Fang Xinxin know what Fang Manxue did? Did she respond?"

The housekeeper replied, "Humble job is not sure if Miss Fang San knows about this. However, she has not responded so far."

"I don't need to trouble her with this little thing. I'll help her fix it!" Bai Qinghao narrowed his eyes. "Last time I was in room 639 of the hotel, I asked you to clean it up. Is Fang Xinxin's laptop in?"


"She kept room 619 in her hand, and Bai Chenxi and Fang Manxue monitored the sheets and sent them to the major media. Let everyone comment on whether there is still the so-called'turning out the chaos anyway'."

"Yes." The butler immediately went to execute the order.

Bai Qinghao's tall and stalwart figure walked up the stairs, entered the study on the second floor, turned on the computer, and wrote a paragraph of text with the new ID registered in the Beijing University Forum...

[Wow, Commander White actually replied! Come out after a thousand calls.

[Fang Manxue was embarrassed to lick her face B and said that Fang Xinxin had robbed her of Madam Bai's position. I didnt expect the truth to be like this...]

[Look, everyone, there is explosive news coming out, and the video of Fang Manxue and Bai Chenxi opening a room has leaked!


The forums were hot, and Fang Xinxin in the bedroom stretched out before waking up.

I took out my phone and saw a text message from Fang Manxue in the middle of the night last night:

[Fang Xinxin, don't pretend to be dead, I know you watched my live broadcast. You give me the throne of Commander Bai's fiancee! Don't rest on the throne, tell you, if Bai Qinghao's grandmother Qin Hefang had not passed away, he was a filial person, and he couldn't resist the last wish of the Bai family's grandmother. Otherwise, why would Bai Qinghao want an ugly girl like you? I am not afraid to attack you publicly. I will post in Beijing University to let everyone see how you occupy my position as Mrs. Bai!

Fang Xinxin checked the time. It was past eight in the morning.

Since Fang Manxue started the crusade, eight hours have passed since midnight. It is estimated that the condemnation she got for the position of Mrs. Bai because of Grandma Bais last wish must have set off a wave of climax in the forum.

Fang Xinxin didn't bother to go to the forum to watch "Hi". At the same time, she was really scared. Bai Qinghao had been consistent with her for ten years in her previous life. Was it related to her unwillingness to betray the last wish made by Grandma Bai?

After washing her face solemnly, she walked out of the bedroom, thinking about returning to the court to take her hand, and then sending out the video of Fang Manxue and Bai Chenxi opening the room.

Then, she said she didnt like Bai Chenxi...

However, the engagement between her and Bai Qinghao back then was said that her father was partial to her, and it was said that she was the last wish of Grandma Bai. It was really impossible to get past...

On the way to the campus, I thought I would receive a lot of questions.

As a result, she swayed around the campus brightly, no one accused her of being a junior, and no one cast a strange look at her.

Even Wu Jiatong, who was in the same bedroom while eating breakfast in the school cafeteria, didn't say a word.

There must be something wrong with the post!

Fang Xinxin took out her mobile phone and saw a post from Beijing University "@" Bai Qinghao, Bai Qinghao actually replied, and actually wrote a text that moved her:

When I was young, I once saw an elf in the moonlight.