Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 509

Chapter 509: How To Marry Qinghao?

Eight hours later, when everyone saw Bai Qinghao's reply, they scolded Fang Manxue as shameless and called her a junior, but instead planted Fang Xinxin as a junior. The latest comment turned out to be...

Fang Manxue was scolded so badly because the video about her opening a room with Bai Chenxi leaked!

[The first **** of the century! Fang Manxue, you opened a room with Bai Chenxi, and you opened a fart live broadcast last night, Bai Qinghao. You just want to go to heaven!

[Fang Manxue, I really haven't seen anything more inferior than you, you keep slandering Fang Xinxin like Bai Chenxi, you actually climbed onto Bai Chenxi's bed by yourself. Bai Chenxi rewards you with an overnight fee of 10,000 yuan.

[Opening a room with Bai Chenxi is the way you like Bai Qinghao?

[Don't show up in Beijing University if you are so special, you have repeatedly and repeatedly deceived netizens, deceived alumni, and will not kill you!

The news of Fang Manxue and Bai Chenxi's opening of the room spread to the entire network at an unbelievable speed in major online media, and the news comment area was almost entirely cursed by the opponent Manxue.

In Fangjia Villa, Man Xue was sitting on the sofa in the lobby, looking pale and flipping through the major news websites. It was impossible to believe that the video screenshots of her and Bai Chenxi being beaten up and sleeping together appeared on the homepage of almost every media website.

There are also many websites without even coding, and you can clearly see her good show with Bai Chenxi.

Obviously, people want this news to'boom.'

Fang Manxue saw the countless scoldings from the review district and was so angry that she wanted to delete them all, but she had no power.

The mobile phone landed on the Beijing University forum, and all the posts she had posted were all curses.

Even the live broadcast room she didn't open was full of scolding.

Of course, there are also a lot of dirty words to watch the excitement.

I wanted to delete the posts on the Beijing University Forum, but found that the account was locked by the administrator and could not be deleted.

Manxue's lips crooked.

"Daughter, daughter!" Fang Lilan, who was sleeping upstairs, woke up to read the news, rushed downstairs in her pajamas and pointed to the news, "Isn't it true that you opened a room with Bai Chenxi?"

Fang Manxue bit her lower lip with embarrassment, "Yes...it's true."

Fang Lilan was so angry that she almost threw her slap on Man Xue's face. After all, she loved her too much and held it back, "You are so careless. Even if you want to sleep with Bai Chenxi, you can't be killed. Record it!"

"I don't know when it was recorded..." Fang Manxue almost cried.

"Clarify the details!"

"That night, I opened Room 619 of the Royal Palace and White Dew Hotel. I originally wanted to frame Fang Xinxin to sleep with Jiang Xingnan. I didn't know Jiang Xingnan would not show up. I pretended to have an appointment with Bai Chenxi in the name of Fang Xinxin..." Fang Manxue said In the end, his hands were so annoyed that he covered his face, "I didn't expect that I would sleep on Bai Chenxi's bed in the end. I didn't even expect that the room I opened was taken by someone to take pictures, and it would hurt myself... "

Fang Lilan stared at Man Xue bitterly, "You fool, Xinxin is not cautious!"

"I'm very careful!" Man Xue said annoyedly, "I don't know why Fang Xinxin escaped a disaster, as if she could be a prophet."

"Fart to the Prophet, if she knows, we can still stay in Fang's house?" Fang Lilan looked disapproving, pointed her head heavily, "You are a wise man, and you fall into your trap. You can't steal the chicken." Eclipse the rice."