Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 510

Chapter 510: You Are So Nice

"Mom, what should I do now..." Fang Manxue's eyes reddened, "The matter of my sleeping with Bai Chenxi has been exposed, how can I marry Bai Qinghao..."

Fang Lilan sat down on the sofa slumpedly, "Want to marry Bai Qinghao? If something like this happened, you won't be able to turn around in this life. If the empire has a lintel, which one will take a video of opening a house with a man? Women flying in the sky come in?"

"I..." Fang Manxue gritted his teeth, "I must have been pitted by Fang Xinxin, it is her, she must have seen the clues in advance, calmly, and wait for me to get the bait!"

"You hurt her first, this justice can't be dealt with." Fang Lilan was angry and distressed her daughter, "Mom is eager for Fang Xinxin to die, but you are so careless!"

The daughter's future is completely ruined.

Fang Lilan was so angry that her heart hurts and she leaned weakly on the sofa, "God, what will I do for the rest of my life? I originally pointed to you to marry into the Bai family so that I can follow the glory and wealth of my life... You say you, why are you so unbelievable! "

Long Shuhai also walked over with a dark face, "Manxue, Manxue, what do you want me to say about you?"

"It was Fang Xinxin who harmed me. If you are really good for me, help me kill her and avenge me!" Fang Manxue cried angrily and ran to the third floor, and locked herself in the room.

Long Shuhai looked at her back without worry, and Lilan said, "Either you go and see Man Xue, I'm afraid she can't think about it?"

"You were so downhearted back then, not as downhearted as a dog, why don't you think about it?" Fang Lilan sneered back.

"It's easy to mention what I did before?"

"I don't want to think about whose'species' Man Xue is..." Fang Lilan snorted coldly, "Blood inheritance. Don't worry, Man Xue is not that vulnerable yet."

Long Shuhai's expression was particularly ugly, "Originally I was expecting Man Xue to be rich and wealthy. Now..." He narrowed his eyes, "Isn't there another Fang Xinxin? How about betting on Fang Xinxin?"

"Fang Xinxin is a bastard, do you think you bet her treasure, she will buy your account?" Fang Lilan said coldly, "I haven't seen her even going home?"

"Then you need to be a mother, make good use of it."

Fang Lilan's eyes flashed harshly, she gritted her teeth and said, "No matter how Man Xue is my biological daughter, she's not having a good time, and Fang Xinxin is a bitch. Don't think about it! A few days ago, Bai Qinghao took a strange woman to go. Regalia?"

"You're thinking"

"Get that ugly stuff out of the Imperial Court first!"


On a tree-lined path on the campus of Jinghua University, Fang Xinxin strolled along, swiping her mobile phone to read Bai Qinghao's posts countless times.

I really want to see him, even if he is out of town, she has to drive over by car!

She sent a text message to Bai Qinghao: [Where are you?

"Behind you."

No reply was received, but a cold male voice sounded behind her, and she instantly felt a tall figure blocking the sun, enclosing her figure in the shadow.

She turned around and saw Bai Qinghao's stalwart figure right in front of her. She lunged at him, hugged him like a koala, hung him on top, "Why are you here?"

"Don't worry about you." The concise and concise words contained his deep affection for her.

She leaned her head on his hard and thick shoulders, a little choked, "Bai Qinghao, you are so kind!"