Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 514

Chapter 514:

Yang Fens face was filled with apologies, "Ms. Fang San, its like this. Its Ms. Fang Lilans intention to post and scold you for being unfilial. I also took her money to do business. After doing this, I was very sad. I was also afraid that President Bai Qinghao would clean up me, so I went to apologize to President Bai."

Fang Xinxin heard this and curled her lips sarcastically, "You are funny, you wrongly accused me of being unfilial, go and apologize to Bai Qinghao instead of me?"

"This..." Yang Fen bit her lip, "I didn't find you for a while."

"It's more difficult to see Bai Qinghao than to see me." Fang Xinxin said, "Like your behavior when you suddenly came out to block a car just now, if you block his car, you will probably be crushed directly."

When Yang Fen heard this, she was a little scared and hairy, and she still said helplessly, "In short, Mr. Bai is very angry at my posting accusing you of unfilial piety. After I sincerely apologized, he also calmed down. Bai. The main cell phone just ran out of power. I used my phone to make a call, so we had phone numbers for each other. As you know, Bai Qinghao is a national male god, and many women adore him, including me. I give President Bai has sent several messages, but he has never returned a message."

While talking, she was observing Fang Xinxin's reaction, trying to find a trace of anger on her face, but found that her face was expressionless and she could not spy anything out.

She had no choice but to continue, "I originally thought that all the messages I sent to Mr. Bai had fallen into the sea. There was no hope of climbing him in this life. But unexpectedly, one night, he hurriedly called me and asked me to go to Dan. Fengbailu Hotel, he said that he had taken a cui love pill and needed a woman, and he couldn't contact you that night."

Having said that, she continued to observe Fang Xinxin's reaction, but the other party remained indifferent.

Yang Fen suddenly felt anxious and said carefully, "You know, the Empire doesnt know how many women are waiting to climb on Mr. Bais bed. Of course I am no exception. So, that night, I was disturbed. I rushed to the Danfeng Bailu Hotel and had a physical relationship with President Bai."

Fang Xinxin didn't even give an angry look, and asked faintly, "Have you finished editing?"

"Why is it?" Yang Fen frowned angrily. "Miss Fang San, I know you can't accept it, but this happened." There was a burst of happiness on her face. "I didnt expect that Mr. Bai, who was so cruel and ruthless, also had a gentle side, he even hugged me out of the hotel that day. Whats more, he was taken a photo and sent it to my phone, saying Want to threaten me."

"Oh?" Fang Xinxin finally became interested this time, "How can you threaten you?"

"The other party wants to blackmail me a certain amount of money, otherwise they will publish the photos to the media and make people criticize me as a junior." Yang Fen showed a bitter smile on his face, "Miss Fang San, you know, I'm financially tight, or else. Its impossible to take money from your mother Fang Lilan and post to accuse you of being unfilial. After all, we have no grudges or grudges. But you shouldnt blame me for that. Im just collecting money and doing things. In other words, even if you post The person who posted it is not me. If your mother gives the money, someone else will do it."

"Right." Fang Xinxin said, "So, I didn't bother you. Even Bai Qinghao wants to send someone to kill you, I'll help intercede." His lips were curled up ironically, "Otherwise, you think you can still Stand here alive?"