Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 516

Chapter 516:

"How can this be called greedy?" Yang Fen smirked, "President Bai gave you ten cars so many, I just asked you for one of them."

"Make it clear, that's mine, not yours."

"But I'm President Bai's woman." Yang Fen threatened, "If you don't give me the Bugatti luxury car, then I will continue to pester Bai Qinghao. You have to find out..."

Looking contemptuously, Fang Xinxin puts medicine mud on her face and can't see her appearance.

But she had seen pictures of her with no medicine mud before, and her face was filled with horrible acne...

"Although you have lost weight and are in good shape, you don't take any photos of your own appearance." Yang Fen confidently touched one of her cheeks, "I'm a little beauty, I can take any photos You compare. I already have the closest relationship with Mr. Bai in the hotel, and he even took me out of the hotel, indicating that I have a place in his heart. You are so ugly, based on my appearance, if I fight you Mrs. Bai Position, you are not my opponent at all."

"So..." Yang Fen suddenly turned into a charity face, "So, Fang Xinxin, I only take your Bugatti luxury car of more than one billion yuan, which is cheap for you. The position of Mrs. Bai Shao is priceless. Money power status!"

Fang Xinxin smiled.

She didn't need to put on medicated mud anymore, because her appearance is really more beautiful than that of a god, Yang Fen's appearance is really not of the same grade as her.

But Fang Manxue's **** put disfigurement medicine into the medicine mud she was going to apply on the last day. Although she didn't use the adding material medicine mud.

In order to make Fang Manxue think she was'in the move', she hung her heart lightly.

Before Fang Manxue was disfigured, she decided to continue to apply medicinal mud when she appeared in public places.

Unexpectedly, I was despised by a gambler, "Miss Yang Fen, don't think I haven't investigated you. You owe millions of gambling debts, and bank credit is blacklisted. It's hard to hide from the creditor, right? Do you want to give this item a cheaper price? Or, you can just announce it."

"You..." The exposed Yang Fen's face was a bit ugly.

Fang Manxue calmly pointed out, "First, if the photos are published, even if they are true, there is no loss to Bai Qinghao. With his status and status, at most a romantic name will be added. Second, don't worry about it. Will I not step down from the position of Mrs. Bai in the future. Third, if I dont mind, your photo is a waste. Oh, yes, I have thrown the photo into the trash can."

Yang Fen was very angry in his heart. Seeing that a top-of-the-line arrogance is about to arrive, how can he allow a duck that is cooked to the mouth to fly like that, "If I pester Bai Qinghao, wait until I become the mistress of the Royal Court, you Don't regret it!"

"In this life, there is nothing that Fang Xinxin will regret." Because of the previous life, I was confused enough.

Yang Fen saw that she refused to eat, and continued to come soft, "Dont you believe that I have a relationship with Bai Qinghao? That night, I will tell you the specific time and situation. It was actually you that night. Sister Fang Manxue wanted to harm you. She wanted to climb Bai Qinghaos bed, but she didnt succeed. Instead, she rolled the sheets with Bai Chenxi. Mr. Bai went into Fang Manxues room by mistake, and found me after the medicine was effective. Think about it, how can I be an outsider know such secret things? Because it was Bai Qinghao who told me. It is enough to prove that what I said is true."