Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 517

Chapter 517:

Fang Xinxin smiled and asked, "Fang Manxue taught you this?"

"What does it have to do with her?" Yang Fen said categorically, "What I said is the truth!"

I took out a photo from my pocket, the one I asked the servant to give Fang Xinxin earlier, pointed at the womans face in the photo, and pointed at herself, "If you see it, just hold it with Bai Qinghao I, he didn't treat you that way, did he? The mistress of the Royal Court will be me!"

Glimpse into the gorgeous and spacious courtyard of the Royal Court from the courtyard gate, and the luxurious European-style main building in the distance, which really shows the respected status of the owner everywhere.

If she can become the hostess here, even if only for one day, she is willing to die.

Fang Xinxin's lips curled up with an ironic smile, "I don't know if you should be called pitiful or pathetic? Or maybe you have a good acting skills?"

I looked at the greed in Yang Fen's eyes, "You not only have acting skills, but you have paid for Fang Manxue to do things. Your heart still wants to swallow an elephant."

I didn't bother to tell her that the woman Bai Qinghao hugged in the photo was Fang Xinxin, and she was also the woman who stayed at the hotel that night with Bai Qinghao.

After fiddling with a recording pen in his hand and playing a recording, I saw that Yang Fen's voice just now asking for the hush money rang out:

"If you want to conceal this, unless you pay a hush fee... Miss Fang San, you can give me a car, or the equivalent in cash... Fang Xinxin, I only take your luxury Bugatti car worth more than one billion yuan. ..."

Yang Fen's face was puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"Very simple." Fang Xinxin said with a sneer, "Originally, you were doing things with money, and I was going to let you go. I didn't see you. Wouldn't it be fine if you got out of here? But, you are too greedy."

With a gesture, a bodyguard who was on duty at the guard booth at the gate of the courtyard came over, "What's your order, Miss Fang San?"

The BOSS has already ordered that Miss Fang San can control the bodyguards of the Royal Court and any subordinates.

"Yang Fen was suspected of blackmailing me 100 million and sent her to jail." Fang Xinxin handed the recorder to the bodyguard, "This is evidence."

After all, drive to the expensive Bugatti.

The bodyguard buckled Yang Fen's arms and escorted her to the off-road vehicle used by the Royal Court. Yang Fen's face suddenly turned pale, "Fang Xinxin, you can't do this, Bai Qinghao will not let you go! "

"Really." After Fang Xinxin got into the car, she gave her an admiring look.

Because Yang Fen hadn't betrayed the employer who sent her at this time.

"Fang Xinxin, Bai Qinghao will protect me, you will regret it, you will regret it!" Yang Fen screamed bitterly. It is hard to believe that not only did she fail to complete the task of the employer, but she also faced an extremely high amount of extortion of 100 million.

Fang Xinxin was delayed, a little unhappy.

Still ordered the driver Tong Yu to drive the car to Jiaya Hospital, she was going to see her father Long Yifan.

After arriving at the hospital, Tong Yu parked the car and waited in the parking lot.

Fang Xinxin took the elevator to the 38th floor of the inpatient department.

With a ding sound, after the elevator reached the floor and stopped, Fang Xinxin stepped out of the corridor and came to the door of a ward guarded by two bodyguards.

"Miss Fang San." Two bodyguards greeted her.

"Is my elder brother inside?" She suddenly remembered that her eldest brother often came to the hospital to take care of her father, and might encounter her eldest brother Fang Shaohua.

One of the bodyguards nodded.

Fang Xinxin just turned around and wanted to leave, but the door of the ward opened at this time. Fang Shaohua stood inside the door, looking at Fang Xinxin with surprise, "Sanmei, you are here!"