Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Bai Gu's Friendship

Gu Linyuan did not mention the 300 million yuan transaction.

Chairman Gu didn't say anything, Fang Xinxin didn't take the initiative to mention it.

Bai Qinghao said expressionlessly, "My grandfather and Mrs. Gu are brothers who have worshipped the handle. With the passing of the two old men, my father's generation has nothing to do with Gu Linyuan. In my generation, the two families are also unfamiliar. However, for the sake of the two deceased old ladies, Gu Linyuan is in trouble, so I dont have to stand by."

Fang Xinxin knows that Gu Linyuan has offended so many people in the mall for most of his life. Except for Wang Yihai and Feng Yuwen, it is hard to guarantee that there will be someone else taking advantage of the danger. "With your guards, Chairman Gu is sure It will be fine."

However, for her, after saving Gu Linyuan and providing specific clues that he was nearly killed this time, she has completed the transaction.

As the vehicle passed by a securities building, Fang Xinxin said, "Can you stop?"

The guard Liu Li looked at the commander from the rearview mirror.

Bai Qinghao nodded slightly, and Liu Li pulled the car over and parked in the parking space on the side of the road.

Fang Xinxin got out of the car and ran into the trading hall on the first floor of the Securities Building. After more than ten minutes, she returned to the car and said, "I went to open a few stock accounts."

A ray of surprise flashed in Bai Qinghao's eyes as deep as ink, "Do you want to learn to trade stocks?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

Not to learn, but rather, she is a stock market old world.

In her previous life, she was imprisoned by Bai Qinghao for a lot of time. In order to pass the time, she researched the stock market every day. She had tens of thousands of dollars in funds, and at most, she made ten times.

It's a pity that I bought the wrong stocks and kept falling by the limit and lost 90%.

Then, continue to buy other stocks...

In short, she was impoverished in her previous life, and she took tens of thousands of dollars in stocks to go up and down... the sea of stocks was ups and downs.

In the previous life, Bai Qinghao didn't give her money. She started giving her money several times, but she gave it back to him, and angrily scolded him for not wanting to buy her with money.

Later, once, Bai Qinghao forcibly gave her fifty million.

She did something stupid to the extreme. Bai Chenxi coaxed her a few words, saying that her company's capital was not working well, so she lent the fifty million that Bai Qinghao had given to Bai Chenxi for emergency.

As a result, after Bai Chenxi's company's cash flow became effective, no dime was returned to her.

Thinking that she was so stupid in her previous life, she really wanted to buy a brick and slap herself to death. Don't stop anyone!

Staring at Bai Qinghao naked, naked, and naked, she couldn't die yet.

In this life, apart from collecting debts from those who owe her, she vowed to love him well.

Bai Qinghao looked back at her red fruit with a bit of scorching eyes, and the ice-cold heart lake like ten thousand years of stagnant water rippled a few times.

Didn't she never bother to look at him?

Her such hot eyes would make him mistakenly think that he is in her heart.

"Cough!" Liu Li coughed slightly and stopped the car. "Commander, Miss Fang San, the imperial court is here."

I didn't want to interrupt the silent and affectionate eye contact between the two.

However, he was as handsome as the commander of God, Fang Fat was so fat and ugly, and his face was full of unsightly acne.

The style of painting is too weird.

Just such an ugly fat who is not worthy to lift shoes for the commander, he really didn't want the wise commander to get too deep.

"Oh...good." Fang Xinxin opened the door and walked down.

Bai Qinghao's cold and sharp gaze shot towards Liu Li, "Next time, when you shouldn't say anything, keep your mouth tight."