Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Come Grab The Handle

"What's wrong?" Jia Mu asked her.

"Nothing." Maybe she was worried. At least, no malice was felt.

"Hey, the video of your second sister Fang Manxue and Bai Chenxi opening a room was exposed, don't mention how happy it is." Sun Jiamu said with a happy face, "Now, let's see how she robs you of Bai Qinghao."

Fang Xinxin smiled, "Where are you going now?"

"Back to school, how about you?"

"I have something else, you can go first. Do you want me to let the driver see you?"

"I drove by myself."

"That's good." The two separated in the parking lot.

Fang Shaohua waited until Fang Xinxin got on the expensive Bugatti and left before walking towards his new car.

"Shao Hua..." A moving middle-aged female voice appeared behind him.

Fang Shaohua wore a mask, turned his head and glanced, it turned out to be Fang Lilan.

His eyes glanced at her for a moment, and his anger was everywhere, his fists were almost pinched into the flesh.

It can be basically confirmed that Fang Lilan was the one behind the scenes that caused him to go to prison.

Because his father appointed him as the chairman of Fang's enterprise, Fang Lilan could only take the position if he was removed.

Fang Lilan noticed the flash of hatred in his eyes, and said affirmatively, "It's Shaohua."

Fang Shaohua ignored her and opened the door to leave.

Lilan's gaze fell on his new car. This car can cost a million dollars. He is a criminal, where can he have the money to buy such a good car?

Did he still hide his private?

A trace of anger flashed in her heart, but a sad expression appeared on her face. She stood in front of him and pressed the back of his hand to open the door, "Shaohua, mom wants to talk to you."

Fang Shaohua withdrew his hand in disgust, staring at her coldly.

"Mom has been here waiting for you several times, and finally waited for you. Is your body okay?" Fang Lilan looked at him carefully with an expression on his face. He was wearing a peaked cap and a mask, and she couldn't tell whether he had it. disease.

If you are sick, that's not the case.

If he is not sick...but he is on parole for medical treatment,

She can use this to threaten Fang Xinxin, to see if the **** is not obediently going to Bai Qinghao to bring endless benefits to Fang's enterprise!

Fang Shaohua is a wise man, how can he not understand what Fang Lilan's idea was, he coughed suddenly, uncovered his mouth, and vomited blood on the ground.

Fang Lilan checked that he had an infectious lung disease. In case his illness is real, it will be contagious!

Seeing him vomiting blood, she hurried back several steps in fright, staring at his pale and thin face, his complexion so bad, it didn't seem to be pretending, "You... are you really sick?"

Fang Shaohua took out a pack of tissues from his pocket, took one, wiped the blood stains on the corners of his mouth, "Excuse me, I'm almost dead."

Fang Lilan came to him, originally trying to catch him and threaten Fang Xinxin, but now it seems that he can only change his strategy, "Shaohua, you have been out for so long, and I don't see you go home to see mom."

"You're not my mother." There was no emotion in the voice.

"Although I am not your biological mother, no matter what, I am also the foster mother who brought you up." Fang Lilan's face was a little bit displeased, her face was stern, "You committed the crime of violence. I won't say anything. After raising your age for nothing, you should have a minimum of respect for me."

"I'm in the field today, dare you say it has nothing to do with you?" Fang Shaohua laughed coldly.