Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Let Me Drive

"What do you mean by this!" Fang Lilan's face changed, and she sternly said, "How can your crime have something to do with me!"

Seeing the ironic expression on his face, she softened her expression, "Shaohua, mom knows you have misunderstood me, mother and son have no overnight hatred. When your illness is cured, you can go back to jail well and try to get out as soon as possible. We are still a family."

I wanted to invite him back to Fang's house, but the more I looked at his poor complexion, and the blood he vomited, there was still a smell of blood in the air. This blood was not a fake drink.

He was seriously ill with tuberculosis, and someone from Fang's family was infected...

Don't take that risk.

"Mom really cares about you." Fang Lilan showed a sad expression with tears in her eyes, "Shaohua, you have gone in, and your future is ruined. Mom is really sad. This Its been almost impossible for several years."

"Really." Fang Shaohua looked at her gloriously. The woman had not visited the prison for three years. He was the only one who visited him once when the accident happened. He also asked how much money he had in his name and wanted to take away his savings. This is called excessive sadness?

"You have something wrong, mom is sad. Your dad has become a vegetative again, and mom can only shake it up." She said and sold it miserably. "The whole family depends on mom to support them. Especially your sister Xinxin. , Mom was also broken. Maybe she didnt care enough about her, and there was a misunderstanding between her and me. The relationship between you and Xinxin has always been good. Now, Fang's enterprise has a financial crisis, and it seems that it cant be sustained anymore. You Can you help Mom say something nice in front of Xinxin?"

"No." The rejection was straightforward.

Fang Lilan was so angry that her liver hurts, a criminal, she was a gift to talk to him when she degraded!

"Shaohua, are you going to watch your dad's company just like this?"

Fang Shaohuas sarcasm deepened, "Look at me like this...I can't help."

"Xinxin has always listened to you. As long as you say good things, she will listen to you, and let Bai Qinghao step in and help." Fang Lilan said eagerly, "As long as Bai Qinghao leaks a little bit in his nails, Fang's enterprise You will be able to fly to the top!"

It's okay for her not to mention Bai Qinghao. When she mentions it, Fang Shaohua is angry, "You are so spineless, and you have to live with the Bai family all day long. Everyone scolds you for parasites, haven't they wake you up?"

"I..." Her tears fell, "Do you think I want to be scolded? I'm not for your father, and I don't want to watch his hard work run out."

"Back when my dad was in charge of the company, Fang's enterprise had a surplus of hundreds of millions of dollars and was squandered by you. You still have the face to mention my dad's efforts!" Fang Shaohua was not angry, "Don't fight. My dads name is wasted. Xinxins meaning is very clear. Since Fangs enterprise has become an empty shell, its not necessary to save it. Money is in the water, its better than letting you moths continue to **** blood. !"

"You!" Fang Lilan couldn't pretend this time, her charming face was full of anger, "Why are you a criminal accusing me!"

"Criminal..." It turned out that in her heart, he was a criminal, and he smiled palely, with indifference greater than death, "Very good...really good."

Looking at his sad smile, Fang Lilan didn't feel distressed at all. She glanced at his new car. The market value of the car is one million. "This car is yours? Mom has a tight hand recently. You are a filial child, borrow it. Let me drive."