Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 522

Chapter 522:

"You also said, I am a criminal, where did the car come from?" Fang Shaohua said, "This is Fang Xinxin's, and the car is also in her name."

He opened a new securities company, including stock trading accounts, in the name of Xinxin.

"It's okay to be in her name, I'll just drive." Fang Lilan said, holding the handle of the car.

"Don't think about it!" Fang Shaohua pushed her away, eyes fiercely like looking at a dead person, "You know how much I hate you. I have been sentenced for twelve years, and I have only been in jail for three years. There is still left. For nine years, no matter how long the prison time is, I dont miss a longer time. Besides, my illness may not be cured."

Fang Lilan was staring at him so much that she was hairy, "You...what do you mean?"

A horrible smile appeared in Fang Shaohuas eyes, "Mom, since you love me so much. My son doesnt mind, Im going to die, Ill pull you back together. Or, if my illness is cured, I continue to go to jail. I dont mind giving up. Ill add to your sentence."

She looked at his murderous eyes and suddenly felt that he was terrifying... he was not kidding.

"I was just joking, I have to leave beforehand." She turned around and hurried away stepping on high heels.

Fang Shaohua glanced at her back, who almost fled in panic, the irony on her face deepened.

The heart is also infinitely lost.

His mother didn't care about his life or death at all.

From the beginning to the end, she never asked him where he lived after he came out and how he was doing well? I haven't asked him much about his condition. Instead, he only wanted to take advantage of him, thinking about taking advantage of Xinxin.

More and more sure, she is not the mother who loved him and loved him back then...

His eyes fell on the pool of blood on the ground, which he had just spat out.

Recently, he missed Xinxin too much, Xinxin was already his person, but he refused to separate from Bai Qinghao.

He was frustrated in love before he was injustice, and he was so haggard.

Therefore, his face is poor, he doesn't need to be disguised, he looks like a patient.

As for the pool of blood...

I have long noticed Fang Lilan following him. He cut a hole under his arm with a knife, put a little blood in his mouth, and spit it out in front of Fang Lilan, only then deceived the evil woman.


After Fang Lilan returned to Fang's villa, she angrily threw her bag on the sofa.

Seeing her return, Long Shuhai walked over immediately, "Lilan, did you persuade Fang Shaohua to ask Fang Xinxin to intercede for Fang's enterprise in front of Bai Qinghao?"

"The criminal didn't buy my account and threatened me. He was seriously ill and wanted to push me on the back. I was angry!" Her beautiful middle-aged face was almost distorted with anger, and her breath was strong.

"Mom, did you catch his illness?" Fang Manxue also hurried down from the stairs and asked, "Fang Shaohua has always been in good health, how could he be seriously ill?"

"It doesn't look like he is pretending." Fang Lilan narrowed her eyes slightly, "Maybe he was really sick in the cell." Then she asked, "Where is your side?"

"It's over." Fang Manxue slumped back on the sofa, "Yang Fen went to the Imperial Court to threaten Fang Xinxin, wanting to get a few million yuan, but he knew that Yang Fen was so useless, and Fang Xinxin was accused of fraud. Sin, in prison."

Fang Lilan was shocked, "Yang Fen won't betray us?"

"That's not true. She is a gambler who owes millions of debts outside, and she hides in prison to pay it off."

Fang Lilan relieved her mind, her eyes sternly calculated, "Fang Xinxin must be returned to Fang's house, only she can save Fang's enterprise!"