Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Li Yuqian Grabbed The Beauty

Doctor Shi Qian and bodyguard Liu Li walked over at this time. When they saw the young girl in front of the potted plant, which was nearly one person tall, they were both stunned at the same time.

I saw that girl was about twenty years old, with snow-skinned appearance, light body, and extremely slim figure.

She has a pair of unusually shining and beautiful eyes, lingering, clear and clear as if the expression in her eyes could speak. Curved and delicate eyebrows, Mo's long hair straight down her waist, a noble temperament radiates from her, like an angel descending on the world, beautiful and holy!

"It's so beautiful!" Shi Qian and Liu Li sighed almost in unison.

Fang Xinxin glanced at the dull expressions of the two of them, and continued to trim the extra branches of the potted plant blankly.

Shi Qian recovered, and immediately walked towards her, raised his signature smile to say hello, greeted very kindly, "Hi! Beautiful lady."

Fang Xinxin didn't bother to pay attention to him, without giving him a look.

Shi Qian was ignored by the super beauty, not annoyed at all, took out a business card and handed it to her, "I am Shi Qian, President Bai's queen doctor, and a medical consultant for more than ten famous hospitals in the imperial capital."

Self-reported family, generally speaking, with his excellence, even the best-looking woman will be very polite to him and easy to make friends with.

No response from the other party, Shi Qian's bright smile remained, "What is the name of a beautiful lady? Can we be friends?"

Fang Xinxin gave him a boring look, then turned and walked to another landscape shrub to cut branches.

"You are..." Shi Qian looked at her dress, although she was just a simple and generous dress, she wore a noble demeanor.

It must not be a servant, because the maids of the Royal Court are uniform.

Moreover, no maid in the Royal Court dared to show him a face.

Shi Qian guessed with a good temper, "Miss, are you a new gardener? I have a good tutor and I am single and lack a girlfriend. I wonder if you can give me a chance?"

Being a doctor is very busy, he always likes to cut the subject directly.

"Hey...Doctor Shi, it seems that you are short of a girlfriend." The bodyguard Liu Li watched the beauty for a while, and the more he looked at it, the more amazing he became. "Beauty, don't look at him as a doctor, I am a bodyguard. But I Much better than him!"

Shi Qian was upset, "Why are you better than me?"

Liu Li stiffened his very strong chest and glanced at him contemptuously, "Doctor Shi, your medical skills are good, but you can't pick your shoulders, you can't lift your hands, and you're a weak scholar now. I'm different, I'm Bai Qinghao Mr. Bais right-hand assistant and bodyguard of the guards, he is highly appreciated by Mr. Bai, and I have a bright future. Not to mention, Doctor Shi, in terms of fighting, I will beat you seven or eight, more than enough."

Shi Qian sullen and said, "Liu Li, don't take you down like this. You were stung by a hornet's nest some time ago and you became a fat pig. Who cured you? It's me! I am your benefactor. Do you understand?"

"Who is that? The BOSS said that I was reimbursed for medical expenses, and you charged it. That is your scope of responsibility."

"If you don't talk about the public, let's talk about the private." Shi Qian moved with affection. "Your buddy, I have a very picky vision. It's rare to see a woman. You can't let me?"

Liu Lixiao reasoned, "You can give everything, but you cant give it to girls. You really think of me as a buddy, and you know that I broke up with my ex-girlfriend for a long time, and finally met a goddess. I was so stupid that I would never let it. you."