Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 527

Chapter 527:

"You!" Shi Qian gritted his teeth, "We compete fairly and we all rely on our ability!"

Liu Li agreed very much, "Okay, then the Eight Immortals will cross the sea!"

Shi Qian walked a few steps closer to the beauty. She was so close that her skin was so white and delicate that her pores could not be seen. It was really like a perfect work of art deliberately carved by God, "beautiful, don't listen to Liu Li. Scholar, Im a talented person, gentleman and handsome. Besides, modern society is a civilized society and is not interested in fighting and killing. Therefore, there is nothing to be proud of if there is a good skill. But Liu Li is just a reckless man. I can play seven or eight farts, I can make more money than him, the money is more real..."

"Shi Qian, what kind of professional demolisher is you?" Liu Li quit, and hurriedly shouted, "I am also an educated person, otherwise I can be a guard next to President Bai?"

"It's you who demolished my station first, so I'm not allowed to tell the truth?" Shi Qian was very dissatisfied with the beauty he finally fell in love with, he was determined!

"Huh, you did it, but brother didn't have to do it!"

Shi Qian suddenly thought of it, his eyes lit up, and he said to the peerless beauty, "This beauty, you don't know, Liu Li is a friend and despondent. Some time ago, President Bai wanted to punish him for Fang Xinxin. President Bai said in front of him,'Brothers are like brothers and feet, and women are like clothes.' With his words, how can you be reliable to treat women as clothes?"

I patted myself on the chest, and offered himself, "Choose me, I am different. I definitely value **** over friends. If you marry me, I promise to confess you as the emperor."

"Fuck!" Liu Li was angry, "Enough, Shi Qian. You actually exposed my scars. Then don't blame my brother, I am ruthless." He also began to belittle Shi Qian, "Beauty, don't listen to him. Yes, I promise to love his wife more than him. Shi Qian cant marry at all. You dont know that he is a doctor. I dont know how many women wear clean clothes a day. Although work needs it, I see too much. She also told me that she is lacking in interest in women. If you are with him, you might be widowed."

"I can't tell you to be better than you." Shi Qian scowled.

Liu Li ignored him and raised his self-image in front of super beautiful women, "I am definitely better than him. Big beauties, you must not listen to him. That day, I said to Mr. Bai,'Brothers are like brothers and feet, and women are like clothes.' The words are about Fang Xinxins super ugly guy. You must know that Fang Xinxin is our President Bais fiance. How terrible is her appearance, her face is densely packed with acne, take a closer look, she can vomit out overnight. ."

Fang Xinxin heard the words, turned her head to the side, and glared at him with furrowed delicate eyebrows.

Liu Li looked at her sparkling, moistened pupils, and was suddenly fascinated. He did not see that the beauty was angry at all. He thought she was admired by her, and said quickly, "Of course, you are different. Like you. God of heaven. For you, don't talk about siblings, I might be happy to ask me to swallow a gun and kill myself. The premise is, beauty, you have to give me a chance..."

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng heard this and hurried over, "Liu Li, what are you talking nonsense!" He glanced at Shi Qian sharply, "There is also you, Doctor Shi. I said you two, even she is no one. If you find it out, just confess it indiscriminately. She is the young master's woman, so you dare to think about it, don't let it go!"