Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 528

Chapter 528:

Liu Li was taken aback, and immediately remembered, "A woman came to the Regalia to find Fang Xinxin before. I heard that the boss took her out of the Royal Court and Bailu Hotel. Could it be her?"

At the same time, he showed a bitter expression, "Hey, why the woman you like is a boss? Now, let me be a thief, I don't dare to think about it."

"I finally fell in love with a stunning beauty, who actually belonged to President Bai!" Shi Qian also scratched his hair in an unusually distressed way. "Is this doctor's love journey destined to be bumpy?"

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng said with a calm face, "You two should think about how to save your life."

Liu Li heard this and was surprised, "Steward Zhao, Brother Zhao, does the boss care about this beauty so much?"

"You all committed suicide for her, what do you think?"

"This..." Liu Li looked at the sullen beauty, "That... just now, I had a misunderstanding. I chased the wrong person. Don't tell the boss. Otherwise, I'm just watching As for the peony, its not worthwhile to die before leaving the school."

"And me..." Shi Qian also smirked and bared his white teeth. "Beauty, Bai Qinghao, President Bai's woman, gave me a thousand courage. I really dare not fight. Although brothers can break their arms and legs, that's not a fall. Its a job problem, Mr. Bais method... I cant live without a family."

What the housekeeper Zhao Chenggang wanted to say, Fang Xinxin winked at him, meaning to let him not make trouble.

Zhao Cheng understood, so he shut up and continued to watch the two make a fool of themselves.

The more Liu Li looks at the beauties, he feels more beautiful, and he does not hesitate to praise him, "BOSS's vision is normal this time. I would say that Fang Xinxin's ugly goods will be unsightly for BOSS as a maid..."

"Liu Li!" Zhao Cheng couldn't help it anymore, and gave him a sharp wink.

Is it really okay to be in the face of the master, so insulting others to be unqualified as a maid?

Fang Xinxin's beautiful face became more and more gloomy.

However, Liu Li killed Fang Xinxin, the peerless beauty who was unexpectedly standing in front of him, and he didn't notice her under-yin complexion, so he stood up and said, "I know the people behind it are not good. But our brothers had long ago had opinions on Xinxin's ugliness. Now. Who is our BOSS? As noble as a god, we should be worthy of such a **** in front of me. Before the BOSS, Xinxin from above was blind."

Glancing at Zhao Cheng and Shi Qian, "You two won't betray me, run to Fang Xinxin and chew on the roots of your tongue?"

Shi Qian was more reserved, "Brother Liu, I think, BOSS and Fang Xinxin are quite right."

That way, isn't the position of the beautiful blue friend in front of him vacant?

For my future happiness, I am not afraid to speak without conscience.

The housekeeper Zhao Chengzhen sighed helplessly, "The doctor is smarter at the time." He looked at Liu Li with a stubborn and instructable look, really wanting to give him a stupid word, "Master gave you a special three-day special. Training, it seems to be a bit lighter, not long at all!"

"Hey, Lao Zhao. In those three days, I almost lost most of my life. It was still light." Liu Li was shaking with fear when he mentioned it, and quickly spit out bitterness at the beauty in front of him, "Beauty, that, you won't be here. Do you speak ill of me in front of the BOSS? I always sing praises for you. I have a straight personality, what can I say."

Nodded, "I said, BOSS will wake up one day." Looking at the beautiful woman in front of her, she has bright eyes, like a natural light-gathering body, beautiful and beautiful, "I said BOSS will abandon Fang Xinxin someday. My taste has become normal. I didnt expect that this day would come earlier than I thought."