Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 529

Chapter 529:

Fang Xinxin's face was unpredictable, and she had the urge to slap Liu Li to death.

She didn't bother to look at these two people, turned around and entered the villa hall.

Liu Li thought it was very strange, "Wow, she has all entered the house and moved into the main building of the villa? Everyone knows that the BOSS brought back a beautiful woman some time ago, but the Royal Court is so big that the BOSS really wants Jinwu Zangjiao, no one knows her specifics. Where do you live. Now that she has entered the main building of the Royal Court, what about Fang Xinxin's ugly girl?"

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng had already violated Fang Xinxin's meaning and had reminded Liu Li. He sighed and patted Liu Li on the shoulder, "I can do it myself."

Shi Qian looked at Zhao Cheng's weird attitude and felt uneasy. "Brother Zhao, why do I feel a little worried?"

He quickly put the business card confiscated by the beauty back into the wallet, "Where is Fang Xinxin? Has he been driven out of the Royal Court by President Bai?"

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng has never been a troublesome person, and doesn't want to burn himself. "Ahem!"

Coughed, and left without saying anything.

Liu Li and Shi Qian followed into the lobby of the villa, and they looked around, only to see the stunning beauty sitting on the sofa just now.

Liu Li asked aloud, "Tianxian, have you seen Miss Fang San?"

"Fang Xinxin doesn't know if he still lives here?" Shi Qian was also curious.

"I originally came to change the guard to protect Fang Xinxin. She went away early and good." Liu Li said indignantly. "We have been **** with her ugly woman for so many years, and the boss is wise."

Originally, Shi Qian wanted to agree. He saw sharply the healed scar in the palm of the beautiful woman sitting on the sofa...

Fang Xinxin previously grasped the blade that Bai Qinghao was about to disfigure, and his palm was injured. He bandaged Fang Xinxin twice, and this time it was also to see her physical condition.

Not so coincidentally, the two wounds are in the same place, right?

Unless... this woman is Fang Xinxin!

The more he looked, the more surprised he was that he was the same person.

The same bright pupils, lips, figure...

Especially appearing here...Bai Qinghao is not the kind of person who changes his heart easily.

To be sure, this stunning beauty is Fang Xinxin!

rub! Shi Qian woke up from his clumsy eyes and broke into a cold sweat.

Fortunately, he just soaked her for a while, unlike Liu Lizui who didnt hold the door and said that Fang Xinxin was ugly, "Brother Liu, you cant say that. Fang Xinxin is actually very good. A girls family, to lose weight for President Bai. So hard work, exercise and run for six hours a day, get up earlier than chickens and sleep later than dogs. People are still very desirable."

Liu Li looked at him strangely, "Doctor Shi, you are behind, that's not what you said."

Shi Qian didn't want to pay for Liu Li's three-day special training, his thin body, he couldn't stand it, "I am telling a joke behind my back. The current thinking is true. We are all well-educated. You cant judge people by their appearance. Fang Xinxins that is called the beauty of the soul. She invited me to dinner and sweets. I remember this love."

"Doctor Shi, you didn't hate you to scold Niang behind your back," Liu Li said, gesticulating happily, "You said Fang Xinxin made you embarrassed in the'Emperor Capital One', and the BOSS asked you to check it out. Because of Fang Xinxin, you lost all your face. You also said that Fang Xinxin caused you to eat tens of thousands of dollars in sweets. Everyone couldnt finish eating it. The sweetness is so sweet that you lose your teeth. You said dont let you catch Fang. Xinxin's handle, otherwise you will kill her!"