Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 53

Chapter 53:

Liu Li felt that the back of his head was almost shot out of two holes by the commander's eye knives, and his whole body shivered, "Yes."

Fang Xinxin entered the villa hall well and went back to the master bedroom on the third floor.

She took out her smart phone, which was worn out on the sides, and bought it with the money she earned from part-time work before. It was only 600 yuan.

It looks like an Apple-brand mobile phone, and it's a knockoff.

The mobile phone has been used for two years, and the system is deadlocked.

I have time to buy a new phone.

She logged into several stock accounts that she had just opened.

Glancing at the densely packed stocks on the front page of the securities stocks, the corners of her lips happily conjured.

The benefits of rebirth, knowing what will happen later, really dont be too cool.

There was no dime in the stock account that was just opened. She just wanted to transfer the 300 million yuan in the bank account to the stock market, but found that there were already 50 million yuan in the stock market account.

Who can give her money, and even 50 million, such a big hand?

Except for Bai Qinghao, no second thoughts.

I checked the source of the 50 million funds in the stock, and it turned out that the Shengshi Group under the name of Bai Qinghao had remitted it.

A moving emotion rose in his chest.

She just let Bai Qinghao know that she opened a stock account, but unexpectedly, he gave her 50 million!

This man... teach her how to not be moved?

Staring at the five on the screen, there are seven zeros behind them.

She stretched out her hand and gently stroked the numbers on the phone screen, rubbing her fingers with pity, as if she was stroking the male **** Bai Qinghao in her mind.

After a long while, she manipulated the account and returned the fifty million yuan in the stock account back.

To love him is to become strong.

Then, he transferred the 300 million yuan of funds he had just obtained into the stock market account, and decisively bought a few potential stocks that would definitely rise in the future.

Just waiting to pick up money!

In the study, Bai Qinghao sat coldly in front of the computer watching the surveillance video copied from the hospital.

During the surveillance, Fang Xinxin sent Gu Linyuan and his driver to the hospital, helped register, went out to buy a piece of fruit, and turned back...

Until, I saw that she had never entered Bai Chenxi's ward.

His cold expression eased a little.

Standing behind him, Liu Li said in an incredible voice, "Commander, I didn't expect Fang Fei...Ms. Fang San really didn't go to pick up Bai Chenxi and leave the hospital."

Although Bai Qinghao had already believed in the hospital that Fang Xinxin hadn't rushed to Bai Chenxi, he couldn't really let go of thinking about how obsessed Bai Chenxi she was before.

Facts speak louder than words.

Therefore, he watched the surveillance.

If he finds that she is running towards Bai Chenxi, he will definitely not spare her!

Today, the hospital's surveillance has confirmed her innocence.

As for Fang Manxue's saying that Fang Xinxin bought the "Love Apple", an apple in Fang Xinxin's hand entered Gu Linyuan's ward, and it was gone when she came out.

He also saw apple peels in Gu Linyuan's ward before.

Obviously, she just gave an ordinary apple to Gu Linyuan for a visit, and there is no "fruit of love" at all.

Fang Manxue that **** would really pour dirty water on Fang Xinxin.

It is really cheap just to make the Fang Group lose 500 million in the contract.

Thinking that Fang Xinxin was also the daughter of the Fang Group, Bai Qinghao gave up on taking care of the Fang Group.

At this time, a phone call came in.

Bai Qinghao picked it up and squinted his eyes slightly when he heard the financial report of Shengshi Group that Fang Xinxin had returned 50 million.