Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 536

Chapter 536:

Jiang Xingnan wanted Fang Xinxin to sit beside him, and it was impossible for Fang Xinxin to copy him!

Everyone took their seats according to the lottery, and Fang Xinxin was unlucky, all sitting around were students with poor grades.

Almost all the students waited for Fang Xinxin to lose.

Who made her performance so far from Fang Manxue's strength?

It took two and a half days for the nine subjects to be taken seriously.

Fang Manxue thought she had performed well this time, so she walked up to Fang Xinxin, "Sister, the test result will be available in two days, and I will come to receive your knees on time in two days."

As for now, she still takes time off and leaves school.

Because the matter of her opening a room with Bai Chenxi is still enthusiastic, she doesn't want to look at the same school's strange eyes!

Sun Jiamu stared at Fang Manxue's leaving back, his eyes burst into flames, "Who, I think she must win." Walked to Fang Xinxin, "Honey, how did you do this time?"

Xinxin opened her lips, "Play normally."

"..." Jia Mu didn't dare to say anything.

My friend usually has very poor grades. Isn't her normal performance over?

The rest of the classmates thought the same way. Some girls were already dissatisfied, "Fang Xinxin, you trash yourself, and you can gamble with Fang Manxue. It doesnt matter if you lose your face, the fiance who hangs on the throne of Bai Qinghaos male **** will kill him. Shame on God!"

"No!" Some other girls were also dissatisfied.

Fang Xinxin is innocent, she can't explain, the content of the test paper has been read in her last life, and now she is ready, how could she not win Fang Manxue?

Only casually alumni continued to attack her for two days.

In the morning two days later, Fang Xinxin went to school. There were always a few students in the sophomore and third classes who were absent from class, but today all the students in the class arrived.

Because everyone wanted to see if Fang Xinxin would really kneel to Fang Manxue.

And still in front of the male **** Bai Qinghao...

Does it mean that there is a chance to meet a male god?

Director of the Political and Education Office Ma Yongting walked into the classroom with a few filled-in forms and stood on the podium. "Because Lecturer Aaron Wilson took leave, I will announce the results of the mid-term exam for the second and third class. "

"Director, just say, Fang Manxue and Fang Xinxin, who won?" Wu Jiatong said excitedly.

Many students are echoing.

Ma Yongting knocked on the podium, "Quiet! This is a classroom, students' private betting, as a teacher may not be able to manage. But this behavior is never advocated. The total scores of the nine subjects are added up, and the ranking is now announced, the third place. Liu Xu."

There was no splash.

"Second place, Jiang Xingnan." Ma Yongting continued.

"Wow, Brother Yi got second place in the exam. Then..." The classmates whispered in class, almost all of them looked at Fang Manxue.

"Fang Manxue must have won. Her test results have always been on par with that of her brother."

"The first place must be Fang Manxue!"

"The fiance of the national male **** is really going to kneel down to a bitch..."

One after another, Fang Manxue's beautiful face raised a triumphant smile.

The thought of being able to receive Xinxin's knees in front of Bai Qinghao, and stepping Fang Xinxin into the dust, it would be so refreshing!

Man Xue sighed helplessly, "I have invited the reporters. Third sister, when you kneel to me in a moment, don't blame the second sister for being cruel to let the reporter record the scene. After all, it is worth it. A scene of aftertaste."