Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 538

Chapter 538:

Director Ma Yongting said sternly, "Youre right, thats what it says on the transcript. Fang Manxue, you also have a ranking. You got the fourth place in the exam this time. You got good grades. Keep it up."

"Whoever wants fourth, I want first, I want to compare Fang Xinxin, and I want her to lose!" Fang Manxue yelled hysterically, looking crazy like a mad woman.

The cameraman in the hallway drove the camera to take pictures in the classroom. The reporter on the side urged, "The camera is aimed at Fang Manxue's facial expression and give her an unbearable close-up."

Fang Manxue apparently heard what the reporter outside the window said and glared at him, "I asked you to come here, not to make you make a fool of me in taking pictures. No shooting, no shooting!"

The reporter could confiscated Fang Manxue's money, and said sternly, "I was invited by you to find the material. It's just shooting facts. Why should Miss Manxue be angry."

Fang Manxue was so angry that her voice was almost knotted, and she said to Ma Yongting on the podium unconvincedly, "Director Ma, as everyone knows, Fang Xinxin is a scumbag, how could she get the first place in the exam? Does the school want to cover Fang Xinxin? , Did the exam results give her water?"

All the students are also puzzled, but there is a camera shooting it. It's not about yourself, so don't be ashamed.

Ma Yongting sank and criticized seriously, "Fang Manxue, I know you cant stand the blow. But you cant humiliate the schools reputation. For this exam, the distance between each seat is far enough, and the whole process is monitored. , The name of the test paper was also sealed, and the scoring teacher gave a fair scoring under the supervision of the teacher. After that, it was uniformly peeled and posted to see which test takers score was. Beijing University will never release water to any student. I was surprised that it was. Fang Xinxin took the first place in the exam. For this reason, I also checked the examination room monitoring and found that she did not squint at all during the exam, and handed in the paper after she finished writing."

"Could it be that you leaked the test papers in advance?" Fang Manxue snapped.

Ma Yongting angrily yelled, "It's even more impossible. The test papers are made temporarily by the teachers, and the test papers are also monitored. The test papers are sealed immediately after printing, and they are sent to the test room on the spot. No. This exam has received widespread attention, and the school has been extra cautious. If Fang Manxue has any questions, you are allowed to watch the monitoring in person."

Fang Manxue's face turned blue and white, and it was difficult to accept this result.

Fang Xinxin said at this time, "Man Xue, I know you can't accept this reality. In fact, I have been betting with you for a long time. During this time, I have been studying very hard. The purpose is to do a good job. Student. A student with poor grades can also make progress. And you, with good grades in the past, will also regress. You have always wanted to step on me, and your mind has been awkward. You said, can you not lose?"

She wouldn't admit that through the memory of her last life, she knew what questions would be asked in the exam.

"That's right." Sun Jiamu took the lead in sarcasm, "Fang Manxue has a bad heart, not only always wants to step on Xinxin, but also opens a room with other men outside of school. His after-school life is very hot and exciting, how can I have time to study."

"No, this kind of **** does not lose, but it is strange." Jiang Xingnan was the one who answered the conversation.

The students also felt that it made sense.