Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 539

Chapter 539:

After all, Fang Xinxin's results were actually revealed in the last French class, comparing her brother with Fang Manxue.

Win again, as usual.

"Fang Manxue, tell you frankly, I was sitting next to Fang Xinxin. This time I was staring at her for cheating. The answer is no. I wanted to see her joke, but I found that she was a good student..."

"The prestigious name of the second school of Beijing University, today officially changed from Fang Manxue to Fang Xinxin."

"Fang Manxue, everyone knows that this exam is fair and just. If you lose, you lose. It's too ugly to be unable to lose!"

One after another, some students kept glaring at Fang Manxue, showing contempt.

Even Ma Yongting, director of the Political and Education Office, said, "Fang Manxue, stay on the sidelines and meet each other in the future. You are so persecuting Fang Xinxin to show off your majesty, this time you are too much."

Fang Manxue's face was as pale as paper, she gave Fang Xinxin a bitter look, stood up and walked out of the classroom.

"She left like this?" Sun Jiamu said angrily. "She lost. She hasn't kneeled down in front of Bai Qinghao to face Xinxin."

"Don't worry." Fang Xinxin also stood up from the class, "Director Ma, I'm asking for leave today."

"Approve." Ma Yongting raised his hand.

Fang Xinxin also followed out of the classroom, and when she passed by the corridor, she casually said, "Friends from reporters, Man Xue asked you to come, you can't let her down."

"It makes sense." The reporter and cameraman quickly followed.

Fang Manxue knows that he is not good, but the pace is getting faster...

All the students in the class craned their necks and looked out the window, wanting to watch the follow-up. That's much more exciting than boring schoolwork.


Bai Qinghao sits on an imported leather sofa in a luxurious business car at the gate of Beijing University, with a glass of red wine on the exquisite coffee table in front of him.

He is slowly tasting, the gesture of serving the cup is extremely elegant.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng stood outside the open car window and reported respectfully, "Master, the results of the midterm exam for the second year of Beijing University and Sophomore came out, and Miss Fang San took the first place in the whole year."

After getting this feedback, Zhao Cheng almost dropped his chin in surprise.

Bai Qinghao knew that this was Fang Xinxin's own real achievement.

Because she had confessed that he was not allowed to help, she had to win Fang Manxue by her true ability.

Although he thought she was impossible to win, he couldn't stand her ups and downs and couldn't help her.

Thinking of waiting for her to lose before picking up Fang Manxue. Xinxin gave him a surprise.

It turned out that his Xinxin was so good. First place in the whole year.

"Where is Fangman Snowman?" Bai Qinghao was disgusted when he mentioned this woman, but this bitch's bet with Xinxin must be fulfilled.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng pointed to Fang Manxue who was running out of the school gate, "Here."

Bai Qinghao gave a look, and Liu Li, the bodyguard standing by, immediately stepped forward, pulled Fang Manxue's wrist, and dragged her over.

"Let go of me!" Man Xue struggled desperately, but couldn't get rid of the zirconium.

Afterwards, Fang Xinxin also left the school gate, followed by reporters and cameras from behind.

Bai Qinghao had sent someone to understand the situation in the Beijing University and sophomore classes, and it was clear that the reporter was called by Fang Manxue.

The sharp eyes glanced at Fang Manxue, "You also called the media to shame Xinxin?"

"President Bai, I..." Man Xue bit her lower lip, irrefutable.

"Bai Qinghao, why are you here?" Fang Xinxin asked him aloud.

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