Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 542

Chapter 542:

She asked, "What if I lose?"

He looked at her with a gentle gleam, "The media will only write remarks that are beneficial to you. And Fang Manxue, I have a way to make her give up the bet with you."

"For example?"

"Let her'disappear', but the murderer is Bai Chenxi, do you think this idea is good?"

"The idea is good. But since I won, I don't want to get your hands dirty." She took the initiative to encircle his waist with her hands, and said dullly, "Bai Qinghao, let me solve my business."

She can't rely on him for everything, she must have the ability to protect herself.

"Okay." He would stand behind her, or stand in front of her, always protecting her.

Fang Xinxins WeChat received a voice message from Sun Jiamu:

[My dear, it's so happy to see Fang Manxue who bit, zi, who was arrogant a moment ago, and kneel to you the next moment! you are awesome!

as long as you are happy. ] Xinxin also returned her voice message.

Bai Qinghao heard a hint of indulgence towards Sun Jiamu from Fang Xinxin's tone, "You seem to be nice to her?"

A touch of jealousy came to his heart, her goodness can only be his alone!

"She is kind to me too."

"You can only be nice to me!" He commanded domineeringly with his handsome face.

She raised her delicate eyebrows inconceivably, "Bai Qinghao, are you jealous? The voice message came from Sun Jiamu, my classmate and roommate in the dormitory. The point is, she is a girl!"

"I don't care." He said solemnly again, "You can only have me in your heart, and you can't pretend to be another woman!"

She didn't dare to confront him, so Bai's little hand patted his firm and broad back lightly, "Bai Qinghao, Jia Mu is a friend worth making. In my heart, you are definitely the most important. But alone , Also needs friendship. Besides, she is the only one who treats me well except you."

Don't dare to mention the big brother Fang Shaohua, for fear that he will be jealous.

When she forgot to talk about Fang Shaohua, Bai Qinghao looked very satisfied and did not comment. She acquiesced to her friendship, or confessed, "You must be a wise man when you shouldn't be stupid, understand? "

She is like a child being told, nodding her head obediently, "Oh."

The two returned to the Imperial Court and dried firewood in the bedroom...

In the lobby of the Fang family villa, Fang Manxue cried into Fang Lilans arms and roared, "Mom, I am going to kill Fang Xinxin and kill her!"

Fang Lilan also saw a picture of her lover kneeling to Fang Xinxin from online news, her charming face turned blue with anger, "She is damned!"

"Man Xue, didn't you say that you will definitely win?" Long Shuhai walked over, complaining on his face, "Why did you lose to that ugly guy?"

"Why didn't I know that she made such rapid progress, she actually got the first place in the whole year in the exam. Woo..." Fang Manxue burst into tears, "I have lost my face now, I can't be a man in school, I have no face to go back to school. !"

"How can I not go to school?" Long Shuhai grinned, "Jinghua University is such a good institution of higher learning, but ordinary people can't enter if they want to!"

Fang Lilan glared at Shuhai, and said distressedly to Man Xue, "Just forget it if you don't want to go, take a rest at home for a while."

"It's all you, I broke her..." Long Shuhai complained angrily, "If it weren't for you, Man Xue would not have such a big temper."