Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 543

Chapter 543:

Fang Lilan snapped, "You blame me! If you hadn't been able to protect Man Xue, could she be so wronged? Only when the video of Man Xue and Bai Chenxi's eyes was sullied, this happened again. You have to kill your daughter to be happy?"

Long Shuhai didn't dare say anything this time, "Follow you."

Fang Manxue cried for a long time, and raised her head viciously from Fang Lilan's arms, "Mom..." glanced at Long Shuhai again, "And you, don't feel too sorry for me. Even if I get to this point, In a few days, Fang Xinxin will only be worse than me!"

Fang Lilan suspiciously, "You can't enter the Imperial Court, and you don't go to school. It's even harder to get close to that bastard? How can she be more brutal than you?"

"If a woman is disfigured, what can she expect?" Fang Manxue noticed that Fang Xinxin still had medicated mud on her face.

Calculated by the time of the onset of the drug's effects, Fang Xinxin's face should be stiff.

In a few days, it will become a rotten face that can never be cured.

As if seeing Fang Xinxin's miserable appearance when she was completely disfigured, she smiled viciously, her smile a bit frantic.

"Daughter, did you move your hands and feet on Fang Xinxin's face again?" Lilan also felt excitement in her heart.

"Yes, I regret that I just gave her a drug that will cause allergies and acne. This time, she can't turn over for a lifetime!"

"How did you do it?"

"You care so much!" Fang Manxue didn't want to say more.

Fang Lilan looked at Man Xue's pale face with some worry, "Daughter, your face is not good and your facial expression is also very stiff, is it uncomfortable?"

Even after killing Fang Manxue, he would not have thought that Fang Xinxin put the material she put in the medicinal mud into her liquid foundation this time. "It may be caused by crying too much."

"On your side, there is nothing wrong for the time being." Lilan thought up, "It looks like I have to go and see the living dead."


Early the next morning, Fang Xinxin went to the Jaya Hospital and saw Fang Lilan sitting on a long chair resting in the corridor on the 38th floor, looking very tired.

Fang Lilan stepped over when she saw her, "Xinxin..."

Fang Xinxin's face was cold, "Something?"

"After your dad was transferred from the hospital I arranged earlier, I don't know where he went. Otherwise, I would have guarded him. I finally found out that he was hospitalized here." Fang Lilan glanced sideways at one of them. The two bodyguards standing guard at the door of the ward said, "Unexpectedly, I came over last night, but the bodyguards refused to let me into the ward."

"She really came last night?" Fang Xinxin asked.

One of the guards on guard replied, "I came at eight last night."

Fang Xinxin glanced at the time on the phone screen, "It's nine o'clock in the morning, and I can't tell, Ms. Fang actually waited patiently for 13 hours."

"Xinxin, you disappointed me too much!" Fang Lilan screamed, "Why don't you even call my mother?"

"Are you my mother?" There was irony in her eyes.

"Why not?" Fang Lilan said with a decisive expression, "We did a paternity test!"

"Do it again? It was not accurate last time." The calm tone was not sure whether it was a temptation or a fact.

Fang Lilan was so frightened that her heartbeat almost missed a beat. After all, she was a person who had seen strong winds and waves, but her face was not obvious at all. "Its not necessary. Fangs enterprise is now in financial difficulties. Less money. It can save a little, a little."