Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 545

Chapter 545:

The handsome man has a wicked smile on his face, thick black eyebrows, a very straight nose, and a long body, giving people a particularly easy-to-talk feeling.

He is Ji Minzhe from the detective agency.

Chi Minzhe handed her two things, two small transparent plastic boxes with a few hairs in each, and the names of "Fang Manxue" and "Long Shuhai" were affixed to the boxes.

"Okay." Fang Xinxin took the box, "Thank you."

She didn't want to go back to Fang's house, so he managed to get Long Shuhai and Man Xue's hair. Add the hair torn from Fang Lilan's head just now.

The Fang family's three scourge hairs are all here.

"It should be done with the money." Chi Minzhe walked to the door of the ward and asked, "I'm here, can you go in and see your uncle?"

"It's not necessary," she said.

Chi Minzhe insisted, "After cooperating many times, you have also made me a lot of money. Dad of my parents, see if it should be. I declare, because my uncle can't eat anything in bed, I didn't bring gifts."

Fang Xinxin smiled and actively pushed open the door of the ward to let him in.

Chi Minzhe walked to the hospital bed and looked at Long Yifan, a vegetable who was lying on the hospital bed. "Miss Fang San, during this time you let me pay attention to the movements of the Fang family. Frankly speaking, based on the situation, you That mother is definitely not your own. And your second uncle, there is really no similarity in appearance with your dad. The wild man your mom is looking for is your second dad."

Fang Xinxin threw an eye knife at him, "How do you speak!"

"Tell me to my uncle." Chi Minzhe spread his hands indifferently, "Regardless of whether uncle can hear it or not, those in our business have seen too many cruel things. For me, I like to be a sad and smart person. , I dont want to be a foolish fool. Whether it is me or the servant you arranged, I have photographed your mother and Long Shuhai have a leg. Uncle has the right to know the truth. Maybe your dad was raped by the fuyin couple. Harmful."

As his words fell, Long Yifan on the hospital bed unexpectedly shed a tear from the corner of his eyes.

Fang Xinxin was surprised when she saw it, and she called Long Yifan a few times on the side of the hospital bed, "Dad!"

"I..." Chi Minzhe covered his mouth, with a trace of guilt floating on his face, "I think it's better to be a foolish fool, and tear the patient to tears. It shows how much your father loves you. Damn."

"My dad must have heard what you said." Fang Xinxin quickly pressed the emergency button on the bedside.

Soon, a doctor in a white robe hurriedly walked into the ward, "What happened?"

"Doctor, look at my dad, he is crying!" Fang Xinxin stepped aside.

The doctor conducted a careful examination of Long Yifan, "It looks good, the patient has signs of awakening."

"Then when will he wake up?"

"Then I don't know." The doctor said, "Maybe soon, maybe I will sleep all the time."

Fang Xinxin sat on the chair by the bed, holding his father's hand, with a solemn expression, "Dad, you must wake up early!"

Chi Minzhe stood for a while and left.

Fang Xinxin pulled out a few of Long Shuhai's hair, and the hair of the other three people he had just obtained, plus his own hair, marked them with their names, and sent them to the paternity test center of Jaya Hospital.

There are too many poisonous snakes in the Fang family, and she needs to sort out the relationship one by one.