Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 547

Chapter 547:

However, based on the number of times Fang Manxue adds materials to her other pot of medicinal mud, its almost time to permanently disfigure her face.

Fang Manxue's vicious mother-in-law wants to ruin her face forever, she wants to be beautiful!

The medicinal mud she put on during this period of time is a skin care product that has not been added.

Take out a few pre-prepared'fake rotten skins' from the shoulder bag and stick them on the face and forehead.

This kind of rotten skin is a prop for filming, but it is a high-end precision imitation, with a fake effect.

Fang Xinxin modified the edges of the mask with cosmetics, and her stunning face immediately turned into a terrifying rotten face.

After doing this, she deliberately covered her face and screamed, "Ah!"

Wu Jiatong, who was in the same bedroom, rushed into the bathroom immediately, "What's wrong, Fang Xinxin?"

"My face, how could my face become like this!" Fang Xinxin took away her hand in horror, revealing a rotten face.

Wu Jiatong paled with fright, "Your face is terrifying!"

"There must be something wrong with the medicinal mud that I applied. I'm going to the hospital!" Fang Xinxin rushed out of the bedroom with her face in a panic.

When she ran away, only Wu Jiatong was left in the dormitory. She immediately called, "Manxue, something has happened to your third sister! I just saw her whole face *** the horror girl ghost It's scary."

"How come? Isn't my third sister applying medicinal mud to treat her face? How could this kind of problem happen?" He seemed to be very concerned.

"It seems that there is a problem with the medicine mud she applied. She has gone to the hospital now."

"Thank you for helping me pay attention to her movements. The reward for you has been transferred to your WeChat account." Fang Manxue hung up the phone, his expression showing no signs of concern from Xinxin.

A sinister smile appeared on her face, and the ugly stuff was finally completely disfigured, hahaha!

Want to go to the hospital for facial treatment? That is a permanent loss, there is no good possibility.

In the next step, she wanted everyone to see Fang Xinxin's ugly face and see how her completely disfigured ugly girl planted the throne of Mrs. Bai!

Outside the bedroom in 2011, Fang Xinxin, who was supposed to run away, leaned her back against the wall outside the door, and when she heard Wu Jiatong inform Fang Manxue, the corners of her lips were slightly curved.

Who is disfigured is not certain.

The second sister Fang Manxue's liquid foundation was given the same disfigurement medicine in her own way.

It is estimated that Fang Manxue and Bai Chenxi's video of opening a room flowed out, and he fell to his knees after failing the exam.

In the past few days, the second sister probably didn't make much makeup and she used less liquid foundation, so she didn't disfigured her face today.

As long as he puts on makeup several times, he will suffer the consequences.

After Fang Xinxin left school, she deliberately took two days of sick leave, giving Fang Manxue a false impression that she was treating her face.

The grievance of the eldest brother could not be delayed any longer, she wore a mask and went to the branch of the black owl organization to find Aaron.

In a seemingly inconspicuous private house in an old block of the imperial capital, Fang Xinxin is straightforward, "Where is Aaron?"

The middle-aged man who received her said, "He is not here these days. However, he has confessed and left you a WeChat way to contact him."

As soon as Fang Xinxin added WeChat, Aaron over there initiated a video call.

She pressed the connection button, saw the blond Aaron at the end of the video, and said straightforwardly, "I sent someone to find out that the thief Wang Liangping was taken away by your people. You have been so special all this time. Tell me lies full of lies, no one was caught, they were caught. Is it fun to play with the employer!"