Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 550

Chapter 550:

It's hard to say anything bad about Feng Dongkai now.

Some things, if you want to tell evidence, just say it out of thin air, but it looks like a villain.

"We are strangers. We will talk about it later. Please give Jiamu the phone?" Fang Xinxin said very politely.

Sun Jiamu's voice came again from the other end, "Xinxin, it's me. I snatched the phone back."

Fang Xinxin solemnly said, "Well, Jia Mu. I will tell you a very serious matter. You must not lose your body before the end of this semester. Otherwise, our friends have nothing to do!"

Obviously, Jia Mu is now living in Feng Dongkai.

Alone men and widows, what happens is a matter of minutes.

In my memory, Jiamu took a leave of absence probably a few days before the final exam. It should be a leave for abortion...

Then, based on the time of her pregnancy, Jiamu will be succeeded by Feng's surname in the past few days.

"Miss Fang San, are you too lenient?" Feng Dongkai, who was next to Jia Mu over there, was unhappy.

Fang Xinxin ignored Feng Zhas protest and continued, "We, Fang Xinxin, absolutely say one thing. Jia Mu, if you still care about our friendship, then listen to me."

"I know you are good for me, I listen to you, what, my dear." Sun Jiamu was so soaked by Feng Dongkai these days, he always thought about her...

Looking for various reasons to reject him.

Xin Xin's words gave her the best excuse. She warned Feng Dongkai next to her, "You heard it. Don't stick to me in the future. If you make me lose my only friend, Xin Xin, I will definitely follow you. Break up!"

"Well, Mu Mu, don't be angry, shall we go out to eat?" Feng Dongkai on the other end heard a suggestion of concession.

Sun Jiamu spoke a few words with Fang Xinxin before hanging up.

Fang Xinxin knew that a wolf in human skin like Feng Dongkai would never give up easily.

Otherwise, how could the last life cause Jiamu to get pregnant while she was in school?

Thinking of this, Fang Xinxin immediately sent a text message to Chi Minzhe:

[You send someone to secretly protect my friend Sun Jiamu. If her boyfriend Feng Dongkai wants to have a relationship with her, you will try to destroy it. In addition, lets check. Feng Jia clearly hoped that Feng Dongkai would enter politics. With his good academic qualifications from Beijing University, how could he not embark on politics? Feng Dongkai's past women's disputes were dug out.

Roger that. Chi Minzhe replied.

Fang Xinxin squinted slightly. No matter how good a wolf looks, it is a beast after all. How could it have no black history?

There was only one explanation, and it was suppressed by the powerful old man of the Feng family.

When these evidences are available, she doesn't need to say that Feng Dongkai is wrong, and naturally wants him to get out of Jia Mu!

Fang Xinxin returned to the Royal Court and had a sweet dinner with Bai Qinghao.

In the evening, the two had another rain in Wushan in the master bedroom on the third floor.

Afterwards, Bai Qinghao held her cherishedly, and his cold eyes were all extremely satisfied with her, "Xinxin, you really were sent by the heavens to drop me."

Fang Xinxin leaned against his chest and said in a sweet voice, "I should say this."

With a rare smile on Bai Qinghao's stern and fortitude face, he stared at her infatuatedly, "You really get my heart more and more."


A text message was sent to Fang Xinxin's mobile phone. She picked up the phone and read it again:

[Honey, did you send someone to stare at me and Dongkai? ] Message from Jia Mu.