Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 553

Chapter 553:

After a pause, he added, "Are you relying on Bai Qinghao's power to deceive others?"

"It really has nothing to do with Bai Qinghao." Fang Xinxin sneered, "Just as I am Jiamu's friend, I have the right to protect her."

"Speaking as if I would hurt her. I am her boyfriend and it is too late to protect her..."

Fang Xinxin pointed out coldly, "If she has nothing to do and sleeps and I am talking to you like this, will she not wake up?"

"You sent someone to stare at her yesterday. She was very upset. She fell asleep after not sleeping well..."

What else did he want to say, Fang Xinxin was too lazy to listen to nonsense, twisted the clothes on the back of his neck, lifted him from the edge of the bed he was sitting on, and threw him out.

Feng Dongkai did not expect that she was so strong that a big horse fell to the ground, her face on the ground, and he wailed in pain, "Ah..."

Fang Xinxin took advantage of this gap and lifted the hem of Sun Jiamu's skirt and saw that her underwear was still well dressed.

After nothing else hurts, I feel relieved.

It shows that Jia Mu's innocence is still there.

Fang Xinxin put her knee-high skirt down and patted her cheek, "Jia Mu, wake up!"

After a few shots, there was no response.

Immediately glared at Feng Dongkai, "What did you eat for her!"

Feng Dongkai got up from the ground embarrassedly, with a look of anger that he wanted to kill Fang Xinxin. When he thought that she was Bai Qinghao's fiance, he didn't dare to act rashly, "She just slept a lot. I didn't give her anything."

Fang Xinxin is an ugly thing, bad for him! If it weren't for the ugly thing to appear at this time, he would almost fall asleep Sun Jiamu!

"Really." Fang Xinxin didn't believe it. After trying hard to shoot and call, Sun Jiamu opened his eyes that looked particularly tired, "Xinxin, you are here..."

There was clearly happiness in her eyes.

In the next moment, she immediately propped up and looked down at her clothes, and when she saw that she was neatly dressed, she let out a soft breath.

Sun Jiamu caught Fang Xinxin's hand and said anxiously, "Don't go, stay with me."

"Okay, I'm not leaving." Fang Xinxin promised.

Sun Jiamu was relieved.

Feng Dongkai walked to the bed and said to Sun Jiamu with a very gentle expression, "Mu Mu, you are awake. Is there anything uncomfortable?"

"Go away!" Sun Jiamu also felt something was wrong.

"What's wrong, Mu Mu?" Feng Dongkai said with an inexplicable expression, "It was fine before, so why is it suddenly angry with me?"

Sun Jiamu couldn't tell.

Feng Dongkai's handsome face showed a clear sadness, "Because your friend Fang Xinxin doesn't like me, you changed your attitude towards me."

"No..." She always felt that Feng Dongkai was not right.

Fang Xinxin carefully observed Sun Jiamu's complexion, and said confidently, "My dear, are you weak and unable to lift your hands, so sleepy?"

"Yes." Jia Mu nodded.

Fang Xinxin looked down, "You are a symptom of taking sleeping pills."

"But I haven't eaten..."

Feng Dongkai also said quickly, "I haven't had breakfast with Jia Mu today."

Fang Xinxin asked Sun Jiamu, "After Feng Dongkai comes, what kind of food can he come into contact with?"

Sun Jiamu thought for a while and said, "I drank a glass of water downstairs. He was in the living room at the time. Then, I felt very tired, so he helped me back to the room and lay on the bed, and then I was so sleepy that I couldn't open my eyes. , I will see you when I wake up."

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