Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Friendship In The Past 1

Xinxin raised doubts, "All your servants have asked for leave?"

"No." Jia Mu frowned, "You didn't see the servant?"

"Obviously, Feng Dongkai added sleeping pills to the water you drank and disbursed your servant." Fang Xinxin almost came to a conclusion.

Judging from the long-term contact, Jia Mu is not a frivolous person. She had promised that she would not have a relationship with Feng Dongkai, and she would definitely not give each other a chance.

So, in the previous life, the reason why Sun Jiamu lost her pregnancy was because Feng Dongkai used despicable means.

"Feng Dongkai, you!" Sun Jiamu was so angry that he got up and hit him on the pillow.

Feng Dongkai stood and hit a pillow and eagerly defended, "Mu Mu, don't listen to Fang Xinxin's nonsense. Your servant knew you were unwell and went out to buy medicine for you. How could I get in your water? Sleeping pills..."

"The water cup is still downstairs." Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "Is there any, it will be clear if you take the remaining liquid in the cup to test it."

Feng Dongkai's handsome and feminine expression finally changed slightly this time, "Even if something is detected in the cup, I can't push it all on me!"

"So, do you admit that there are sleeping pills in the cup?" Fang Xinxin grasped the point.

"I just said hypothesis." Feng Dongkai said angrily, "Anyway, no matter whether there is a problem with the glass of water, it was not my work. The Sun family has many commercial competitors, and it may be that others have bad intentions."

"Jia Mu is obviously uncomfortable, why didn't you take her to see the doctor?" Fang Xinxin laughed sarcastically, "Are you saying that she looked okay? You can't wake up even when you call?"

"Anyway, you just want to separate me and Jia Mu!" Feng Dongkai was completely annoyed.

Fang Xinxin simply admitted, "You are really right."

The head guarantees that this perverted domestic violence man must stay far from Jiamu in this life!

"You!" Feng Dongkai was almost shaking with anger. The woman he wanted, no matter what tricks he played, never failed to get it.

This time I kicked the iron plate, halfway through Fang Xinxin, such an ugly Cheng Yaojin, really furious!

"Mu Mu, you heard it too." Feng Dongkai narrowed his face, and suddenly said in a sad tone, "Fang Xinxin just wanted to separate us. I asked myself if I didn't know her before and didn't offend her..."

Sun Jiamu leaned on the bed, first glanced at Fang Xinxin, then glanced across Feng Dongkai's face, and said weakly, "Feng Dongkai, if Fang Xinxin doesn't like you, let me break up with you, then..."

"You will not associate with her anymore." Feng Dongkai fanned the flames. "It's just a friend. You can make another one at any time. And I am your boyfriend. In the future, we will get married and we will live a lifetime. You can't just because of a friend. give up on me."

Fang Xinxin raised her eyebrows, "Jia Mu, just say what you think in your heart."

It doesn't matter if she wants to give up friendship with herself for this brute man.

For the good of her this time, Fang Xinxin decided not to let her be with Feng Dongkai again and follow the tragic path of her previous life.

Sun Jiamu was silent for a while, firmly shook Fang Xinxin's hand, and said apologetically to Feng Dongkai, "Dongkai, I'm sorry. Fang Xinxin is not only my only friend, but also the only one who truly cares about me. People. I firmly believe that she always has her reasons for doing things. If I must choose one between you and her, I will definitely choose her."