Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Friendship 2

Fang Xinxin was very moved when she heard it, and tightly returned Jia Mu's hand.

She must cherish this friendship so long as she is old!

With her back facing Feng Dongkai, Xinxin quickly edited a message and sent it out.

Feng Dongkai seemed to have been hit hard, and smiled sullenly, "Mu Mu, I love you so deeply, and my love for you is not as good as a friend..."

"Come on." Fang Xinxin raised the corners of her lips mockingly, "Feng Dongkai, you only met Jiamu not long ago. How deep can you love? Besides, how many women have you told your false love? Xu Xue, Huang Qing , Yang Fengru... Count them all."

"You..." Feng Dongkai didn't expect that this ugly thing would almost understand his own bottom, his heart was ups and downs, but his face calmly said, "I don't know what you are talking about. I have had a few paragraphs before. Feelings, its just that the girl is greedy for my money and its not appropriate to break up. If you find my ex-girlfriends, what you hear from them is just a slander of dissatisfaction and breaking up with me."

Fang Xinxin said leisurely, "All of your ex-girlfriends have a unified caliber and slander you. They are not famous ladies, or high-achieving students of higher learning. All of them are poor in character. You are a good person, right? "

Sun Jiamu seems to have realized something, "It's impossible for everyone to have a bad character, Xinxin, is Feng Dongkai hiding something from me?"

Feng Dongkai said eagerly, "Mu Mu, don't listen to Fang Xinxin, she is nonsense. Since she deliberately separates me from you, she will definitely speak ill of me!"

"Come on, Jia Mu." Fang Xinxin helped Sun Jiamu get off the bed, "I will take you to the hospital first. Feng Dongkai's matter will be dealt with later."

The video looked at her nightdress and said to Feng Dongkai, "I'll let Mumu change clothes first, you go out."

Feng Dongkai was anxious to find a chance to get out and go downstairs to dispose of the water cup with sleeping pills, and immediately responded, "Okay, I'm waiting outside the door. If you need help, call me anytime."

And pretended to close the door carefully.

In the room, Fang Xinxin glanced at the row of clothes in the closet, "Which dress are you going to wear?"

"Whatever." Jia Mu replied, lowering his voice, "Xinxin, you let Feng Dongkai go out and wait, in case he goes to deal with the water glass I drank downstairs..."

"I'm afraid he won't go." Fang Xinxin sneered and helped her get a set of casual clothes.

Outside the door, Feng Dongkai ran downstairs gently, first took the cup on the dining room table downstairs to the kitchen, quickly cleaned it with dish soap, and put it back in place before returning to the door of the room pretending to be nonchalant.

Sun Jiamu changed into casual clothes and just walked out with Fang Xinxin's support.

Feng Dongkai pretended that he had never left for half a step, and said concerned, "Mu Mu, you have changed your clothes, come, I will accompany you to the hospital."

"Don't touch me!" Sun Jiamu is a smart man, and he can be sure that this man almost tried to strengthen her while she was'asleep'.

If Xinxin hadn't arrived in time, maybe she would have lost her virginity after 19 years!

Thinking about this, she felt Feng Dongkai was disgusting and despicable!

"Well, I won't touch you. Our misunderstanding will definitely be resolved." Feng Dongkai pretended to be helpless. He is very paranoid, the more you can't get the woman, the more you have to do everything possible to get it!