Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 556

Chapter 556:

Sun Jiamu usually looks inconspicuous because she is dressed in old fashioned clothes and has heavy black-rimmed glasses that cover most of her face.

He knows deeply that if Jiamu is dressed well and takes off his glasses, she will definitely be a beautiful beauty!

What he likes the most is to dig out this dusty pearl and discover her beauty to have a sense of accomplishment.

I almost ate the meat in my mouth just now, so I will never allow it to fly like this.

The three of them went to a nearby hospital. After the doctor checked Sun Jiamu, he frowned and said, "Miss Sun, unless you have a long-term insomnia, sleeping pills cant be taken indiscriminately, which is not good for your health. I think you dont need to take this for your health. . Please cherish your body if you are young."

The words made Sun Jiamu pale. She really took sleeping pills without knowing it!

Fang Xinxin helped Jia Mu, who was silent, left the hospital before walking into the street.

Feng Dongkai hurriedly chased up from behind and grabbed Jia Mu's arm, "Mu Mu, listen to me, even if you take sleeping pills, it doesn't mean I did it..."

Sun Jiamu shook off his hand and glared at him, "I called the servant Li Ma. She said that she saw me sick in the morning and wanted to take me to the hospital. As a result, you lied to her and said that you took me to the doctor. She also asked her to go to the hospital that can only be turned back one or two hours away from my house to buy medicine. You said, when did you take me to the doctor just now? What do you want to do to me during those one or two hours when no one is at home!"

Feng Dongkai had already thought about his words, with a sad expression on his face, "Mu Mu, listen to me. I leave Ma Li, just want to take good care of you. I swear, I will never sleep while you are asleep. What to do. After Fang Xinxin told you bad things about me yesterday, I can clearly feel that your attitude towards me has changed."

Fang Xinxin sneered at the side, "So, do you blame me for doing evil?"

Feng Dongkai ignored Fang Xinxin's ugly face, and said anxiously to Sui Jiamu, "I swear, I really only want to be alone with you for one or two hours."

"Jia Mu, do you believe his oath?" Xinxin asked.

Sun Jiamu shook his head, "I don't believe it. If it were me, I would not let the person I love the most, without his knowledge, let the other person take medicine that hurts the body."

"How much can sleeping pills hurt?" Feng Dongkai was a little annoyed.

Sun Jiamu stared at him suddenly, "So, you admit it, you are the sleeping pill!"

Feng Dongkai's dead pig is not afraid of boiling water. "I said it wasn't me. You blame me because I was by your side?" Li stared at Fang Xinxin, "What about her? She was there when you woke up. The house is you, me, She, three people. Is it possible that Fang Xinxin did it?"

"She has no reason to do this!" Jia Mu roared.

"She has!" Feng Dongkai said angrily. "She wants to separate us, so she wronged me without compromise. That's the reason!"

Fang Xinxin couldn't help but admired Feng Dongkai, "Wonderful, wonderful. How come I am a scourge?"

Feng Dongkai glanced at Fang Xinxin and asked weakly, "Ms. Fang San, I asked myself if I didnt offend you, why do you have to separate me from Jiamu? Dont you know whether its family background, education, talents, etc., Mu Mu and I are both close friends, and they are good matches."

Fang Xinxin couldn't say, she saw how miserable Jia Mu was with this beast from the memory of her previous life.