Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 558

Chapter 558:

"You..." Feng Dongkai was speechless for a while, and after a few seconds he blew out a word, "You are ugly!"

Bodyguard Liu Li heard this and agreed with the replacement.

Ever since I saw Fang Xinxin's so beautiful and unrevealed face, thinking of her appearance, she is still confused.

"Stupid B, is there a masculine demeanor to talk about people's appearance?" Liu Lide stood up and made a face for the BOSS's fiancee. As soon as I finished speaking, I realized that I used to talk about her appearance. Isn't it a bit silly, feeling like my mouth? The dingy feeling of a group of crows flying overhead...

When Liu Li appeared, Feng Dongkai judged that he was Bai Qinghao's bodyguard.

Bai Qinghao's power is overwhelming, even if it is just his cronies, it is not good to offend him.

Therefore, I was ridiculed, and gritted his teeth no longer.

But Sun Jiamu was very disappointed with Feng Dongkai and sharply criticized, "Mr. Feng, you are too much. You dare to say that my family is ugly and ugly. I judge people by appearance, and I didn't see how handsome you are! I thought you were very educated, shit."

Feng Dongkai didn't expect that she cared so much about Fang Xinxin's ugly, angry and annoyed, "Mu Mu, I..."

Fang Xinxin was maintained by her friends, and her heart was very warm.

Handed the portfolio to Sun Jiamu, "My dear, see for yourself. This is the case of Feng Dongkai's detention that I asked Bai Qinghao to call out. One of his ex-girlfriends, Wen Shiming, accused him of violent abuse. After graduating from Beijing University, Feng Dongkai wanted to enter politics. He was not interested in politics because he had a criminal record and didn't have the qualifications. He went to work in a company. He also deceived people and didn't want to go to politics. "

Sun Jiamu took the bag and quickly read the red-headed documents inside, staring at Feng Dongkai in surprise, "You have a serious tendency to violence!"

Feng Dongkai's face was pale and ugly, "Mu Mu, listen to me, that was the mistake I made when I was young and vigorous. It hurt Wen Shiming. It was also because she was stealing people behind my back. I couldn't be angry for a while..."

"The dossier is very clear." Sun Jiamu pointed out, "You have violently abused her many times. You are a crime!"

"I have reformed..."

Fang Xinxin reminded, "Jia Mu, there are photos of Feng Dongkais violent wounds and medical records of each of Feng Dongkais ex-girlfriends in the bag. All of his former girlfriends were threatened and threatened by Feng Jiaban and did not dare to speak up. But they were beaten, always watch. Doctors."

"How can I prove that I was the one who beat them?" Feng Dongkai was shaking with anger, "Fang Xinxin, don't spit people!"

"They are in a good family. They were beaten during their relationship with you. You weren't beaten. Are they all self-inflicted? Besides, a few have admitted that you are a violent pervert. Would you like to bring them out to confront you? Its too big to cover the sky with one hand."

Feng Dongkai's face was extremely ugly. He saw people watching on the street and knew that it would be bad for him if the trouble went on.

Wanting to quibble, and knowingly, Bai Qinghao interfered, but he couldn't beat the Bai family.

The tortoise shrank and wanted to leave.

The bodyguard Liu Li clasped his arm and said, "Mr. Feng is not busy to go because the matter is not finished."

Feng Dongkai's face was pale, "I still have something to do."

"Not a few minutes."

Liu Li picked up his mobile phone and clicked on a video and handed it to Sun Jiamu, "Miss Sun, look at this."

Sun Jiamu saw in the video, Feng Dongkai hurriedly went downstairs in the Sun's villa, picked up the water glass on the table to clean, and pretended to be innocent and returned to the door of the second floor.