Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 560

Chapter 560:

"What happened, tell your dad, dad is up to you!" Sun Zhiming was anxious.

Sun Jiamu was sitting on the sofa, and the servant spontaneously poured two cups of tea for her and Fang Xinxin.

She told her father Feng Dongkai's criminal record, what she had done, and Fang Xinxin's help.

Sun Zhiming patted his head and said with regret, "Mu Mu, originally you didn't want to accept Feng Dongkai's pursuit very much. It was your dad who felt that his talent and character was good, which indirectly affected your decision. Daughter, it's the bad father. , Dad has gone wrong this time!"

"Dad, don't blame you." Sun Jiamu shook his head, "You just persuaded me to accept Feng Dongkai's pursuit, and I decided to do it myself, and it has nothing to do with you."

"You're fine." Sun Zhiming looked at Fang Xinxin gratefully, "Xinxin, thank you so much. If it weren't for you, my family Mumu would have had an accident."

Fang Xinxin didn't care about it, "I and Jia Mu are good friends. Since I already know Feng Dongkai's criminal record, then Jia Mu must stay away from that scumbag."

"It's still too exciting." Sun Zhiming's eyes moved abnormally, "In the future, as long as the Sun family can help, Xinxin, just open your mouth, uncle has no choice."

"You are polite." Fang Xinxin no longer declined, after all, there is nothing wrong with multiple paths.

"Are you busy?" Sun Zhiming looked at her daughter's pale face with some worry, and the other party Xinxin said, "You are our only friend, and she is shocked..."

"Uncle, I understand what you mean. You don't need to speak, I will naturally stay with Jiamu."

"Thank you so much." Sun Zhiming breathed a sigh of relief.

Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu simply ate something and went to the bedroom on the second floor to rest.

Sun Jiamu lay on the bed, hesitating that the efficacy of the sleeping pill had not yet fully passed, she was weak and weak, "Honey, will you sleep with me?"

"No." Xinxin shook her head, pulled the quilt to help her cover her, and twisted the quilt again, "You sleep, I will guard you."


A text message came in, Fang Xinxin looked down, it was Bai Qinghao who asked her when to return to the Royal Court.

Sun Jiamu wisely guessed, "Is your fiance looking for you? If you're busy, let's go first."

Fang Xinxin returned a message and said, "I have already told Bai Qinghao, I won't go back tonight and stay with you."

"Yeah." Jia Mu was very moved.

I don't want to refuse, since I was young, I have a little withdrawn and no friends. So, she wanted to enjoy the friendship.

Sun Jiamu fell asleep so sleepy, she had a terrible dream in which Feng Dongkai gave her sleeping pills to strengthen her innocence while she was asleep.

She was angry and out of control, and wanted to sue him. He said that she was sick and took care of her. She also sent out a signal to be with him by mistake while he was ill. He was confused for a while and did something wrong.

He was kneeling on the ground, begging for mercy, all promises, that he would love her forever, so she couldn't bear to tell him.

Very sad, she was pregnant once, and she did not want to destroy her own flesh and blood.

But the old man Feng family believed that she was under twenty years old and was still a student, and the Feng family couldn't afford to lose the face of her daughter-in-law being pregnant when she was unmarried.

She was angry and ignored Feng Dongkai. Feng Dongkai often texted her, wrote emails, and occasionally came to the school to find her.

He has been passionate about her for two years.

She finally forgave him and married him after graduation.

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