Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 561

Chapter 561:

That was the beginning of her nightmare. After marriage, she discovered that Feng Dongkai had serious domestic violence. She beat her nose and face every day, causing her to abort three times, injured her body, and became unable to give birth.

What's more, it took two years to send text messages and emails to her. The affectionate Xihai was all fake. When he quarreled, he said that he spent money to ask people to send messages and emails to her. Only when they meet, is he personally present.

Feng Dongkai threatened her with the safety of her family and forbade her to divorce. He raised Xiaosan outside and had an illegitimate child with Xiaosan...

For the sake of her junior and illegitimate children, the Feng family accused her of mental illness.

At that time, his parents asked the Feng family for justice, but they were attacked by Feng's father, and even the Sun enterprise went bankrupt.

Later, she couldn't bear it, killed Feng Dongkai, and then hanged herself.

"Ah...no, no!" In the nightmare, Sun Jiamu made a terrible cry from time to time, sleeping extremely restlessly.

Fang Xinxin sits on the edge of the bed, concentrates, and stimulates the mind with supernatural abilities. She puts one hand on Sun Jiamu's temple, and transmits the experience of Sun Jiamu in her memory in the past life into Jiamu's mind in a sensory way.

Jiamu is not born again, she has the right to know the truth about what happened.

But Fang Xinxin couldn't say it, she was alive again.

Therefore, Jiamu can only feel the dream about her previous life.

If Jia Mu doesn't think about this problem, even if she uses her supernatural powers, she won't be able to make her feel immersive.


Look at her uncomfortable and fearful dreams.

Xinxin knew that the use of special function sensing was successful.

On the top of the moon, the bright moon is like a hook.

A cool breeze blew by, and the trees in the courtyard of the Sun's villa were rustling and swaying in the wind.

The sleeping Sun Jiamu opened his eyes, and at the first glance, he saw Fang Xinxin sitting on the edge of the bed with a chair, napping on the edge of the bed.

The night is deep, looking at the wall clock on the wall, it's three o'clock in the middle of the night.

The friend did not return to the Royal Court to accompany Bai Qinghao, but kept guarding himself.

A ray of emotion contained Sun Jiamu's heart, she whispered softly, "Xinxin." This friendship really wanted to last till the day and old.

Fang Xinxin yawned, smiled and said, "You are awake."

The effect of the sleeping medicine in Sun Jiamu's body has completely passed. He sat up and hugged Fang Xinxin directly, choked up and said, "My dear, I had a terrible dream. In the dream, I married Feng Dongkai and had it four times. Produce, Feng Dongkai is a violent pervert, Xiaosan, and Xiaosan have children, and he beats me every day..."

That's not a dream. That was the life track of Sun Jiamu's previous life.

It's just that this life was changed by her Fang Xinxin.

Fang Xinxin hugged her back and comforted her softly, "It's just a dream."

"But I think it's too real, as if it really happened!" Sun Jiamu trembled and was terrified.

Suddenly, she kissed Fang Xinxin heavily, "My dear, I have an intuition that if I really stay with Feng Dongkai, all these things will happen! You saved me!"

"Yeah." Fang Xinxin nodded slightly.

A friend is a person who never lied, and she nodded, then it must be true. In Sun Jiamu's dream, apart from the clip about Feng Dongkai, there is no memory of what will happen in the future, because she is not reborn, "Then, how do you know that these things will happen in the future if you don't stop it?"

Fang Xinxin sat upright, her eyes drenched at the water glass on the table.