Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 562

Chapter 562: Xin Xianghao Confession 1

The cup flew over in the air and hovered thirty centimeters in front of Sun Jiamu.

Sun Jiamu was stunned, "You...you have supernatural powers?"

"Yes." Fang Xinxin didn't want to say that she was born again, so as not to have extra branches. "Occasionally, I have a little predictability. I don't know everything. It just so happens that the future of you and Feng Dongkai was seen by me. So, I Just so resolutely to prevent you from being with him."

"My dear, you are amazing! You have supernatural powers!" Sun Jiamu's eyes were suddenly full of worship.

"Don't you think I'm an alien?"

"What kind of alien, you are a living person, and you are a super hero." Sun Jiamu's eyes were full of envied little stars.

"Not that god, I'm just a person."

Sun Jiamu moved her arms and hugged her, rubbing her head on her shoulders, "Honey, I was almost killed by Feng Dongkai, you pulled me out of hell. Ugh..."

Want to cry.

Fang Xinxin is not used to being hugged, except for Bai Qinghao, "Your throat is a bit dumb, so drink some water to moisten your throat."

He took the volley water glass and handed it to her.

Sun Jiamu took the cup and drank a glass of water in two or three mouthfuls. "The water you pour is sweet." Suddenly I remembered something, "You have offended Feng Dongkai for me. With the power of the Feng family, you will not let you go. ."

"It's okay." Fang Xinxin said, "The Feng family has a solid evidence of corruption and has been sent to prison. Once the Feng family has fallen, the Feng family has lost power and it is not a threat. Bai Qinghao helped."

"Thanks to you." Sun Jiamu sighed. It was her friend's help, so she would not thank Bai Qinghao, but lead Xinxin's affection.

"Don't be too polite, we are good friends, you are in trouble, it is my duty."

Sun Jiamu is a person who will try not to trouble others, "I will tell you the same sentence."

"Okay, I'm a bit tired." Fang Xinxin put the cup Jiamu had drunk on the bedside table and stood up, "I'll go to the guest room to sleep."

Jia Mu pulled her onto the bed, "Don't go to the guest room, let's sleep together."

Xinxin couldn't stand firmly, and rushed on to her, "Fortunately, I lost my fat, otherwise I used to be 187 kilograms and crush you alive."

"Haha, now with your weight of one meter six or seven, more than ninety catties, you are light and fluttering..."

The two played around for a while before they fell asleep on the same bed.

The relationship seems to be closer than before.


The next day, Fang Xinxin left after having breakfast in the Suns villa, first went to her new game company, and then went shopping on the street.

Jingling bell bell bell!

The phone rang, and it was Ma Yongting, director of the Political and Education Office.

She answered the phone, "Director Ma, your call is strange, what's the point?"

Due to her poor grades in the past, she was regarded as a thorn in the eye of the former French lecturer Dong Yuzhu and often went to the political and religious office. Therefore, Director Ma had her phone number.

"You don't dare to do it." Ma Yongting's middle-aged man rang loudly on the phone. "A few days ago, the Yuhua District of Emperor City will hold a large-scale gala with the theme of advocating community residents to care for the elderly. This party is of a public welfare nature. So, I cant afford to invite any celebrities. Our Beijing University Mansion is located in Yuhua District, so the official negotiation party was hosted by our Beijing University."