Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 564

Chapter 564:

There are indeed many posts on the Beijing University Forum, saying that it is the old man and old woman in Yuhua District who want to witness the demeanor of the national male **** Bai Qinghao.

Fang Xinxin didn't have the heart to disappoint the old man. After thinking about it, he returned a message to Bai Qinghao: [I will go.

together. ] He responded quickly.

Appearing with Bai Qinghao, sitting in the second floor auditorium with the best view, must be very eye-catching.

Fang Xinxin entered a shopping mall and bought a white V-neck, knee-length gown with a golden belt around her waist, which matched her graceful and slim figure.

This dress is a simple style, suitable for all kinds of banquets, and is also good for normal wear.

So, she bought it and put it on.

Then, with a pair of golden high heels, I found a barber shop that can do styling, and made a hair style without bangs.

The original clothes were sent back to the Imperial Court by the driver Tong Yu.

[My dear, will you go to the Great Hall of the People to watch the party at night? Sun Jiamu left a message for her on WeChat.

[See you at the entrance of the hall at 7:20. ] She replied.

Fang Xinxin didn't ask the driver Tong Yu to deliver it. After a Chinese restaurant settled the dinner at random, he took a taxi to the hall.

When I entered the door, I saw Sun Jiamu standing at the door eagerly looking forward. As soon as I saw her, he raised his hand enthusiastically, "Hi, dear Xinxin, I am here!"

Fang Xinxin walked over, caring and authentic, "Are you getting better?"

"I will be completely fine after waking up this morning." Sun Jiamu said with a smile, "It's just time to watch a party and adjust my mood."


The two walked side by side with the crowds entering the hall.

"Come on, my dear, your seat ticket." Sun Jiamu stuffed a paper ticket to Fang Xinxin. "Although there is no money for the whole show for public welfare programs, the tickets are distributed to each street and residents' group in advance. As for the students, the front row position is okay or I cant get it. I bought two third-row seats."

"Director Ma left me five tickets in advance. The position is the best auditorium on the second floor of the Great Hall. Let's sit there together."

"That position is good, it's reserved for the leaders, you can't buy it if you have money." Sun Jiamu's eyes lit up, "Director Ma wants you to invite Bai Qinghao to come?"

"I didn't ask, I just asked, he said. After the news spread, the Internet was boiling."

Suddenly, Sun Jiamu said, "It turns out that the national male gods will be there. No wonder this kind of charity show without money, the seats of 6,000 people are actually packed. There are people stealing tickets behind the scenes."

In the past few days, her focus has been on Feng Dongkai and she has not paid attention to the Internet.

As they talked, they had reached the best audience seats.

The seat in this row is either the leader of Beijing University or the leader of Yuhua District.

If Fang Xinxin used to be, it would definitely be very stressful.

Mrs. Bai Shao, who had been a wife for ten years in her previous life, had seen many big scenes and she became accustomed to it.

"Dear viewers, I am Mo Shanshan, the host of tonight's show." A young girl of about 24 years old in a pink evening dress spoke in standard and pleasant Mandarin.

"I am the host Shen Ji." A male host who was about fifty years old also said.

The two bowed to the audience at the same time, "Good evening everyone!"

"I all know that the love of Jinghua University some time ago was a sensation in the Beijing University. I hope that the show tonight will have the same effect." Mo Shanshan smiled, "I came from among the young students of Beijing University... "