Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 566

Chapter 566:

Bai Qinghao just sat down, sitting in an upright posture, without anger or prestige, and the powerful aura spread from his body.

A row of bodyguards with guns stood blankly behind them.

On his left is an empty seat, Fang Xinxin sits on his right, and Sun Jiamu sits beside Xinxin.

The show on the stage of the Great Hall was still going on. As the lights dimmed, some people's attention slowly returned to the stage.

Some people still cast marvelous glances at Bai Qinghao, but unfortunately, his face was expressionless and turned a blind eye.

[Bai Qinghao really showed up, so handsome, if he could just look at me! A guy with a picture of a beautiful woman on the Beijing University Forum expressed emotion.

[Everyone thinks so, how many people can he see? Come on, male gods are only suitable to appear in the dreams of me and other mortals.

[This **** gala show, how can a male **** appear in the audience wonderfully. It's a pity that the male **** will not speak on stage this time...]

Everyone, you made a tall post on the Beijing University Forum.

No one noticed that Fang Manxue also waited until Bai Qinghao appeared in the dark corner behind the stage curtain.

Bai Qinghao is so outstanding and noble as a god.

Fang Manxues goddess status, academic dominance... even her reputation for self-cleanliness was completely destroyed...

It's all gone!

Even Fang's enterprises have financial difficulties to the point of being unsustainable.

Look at Fang Xinxin's ugly monster, who has completely disfigured her face, and sits with medicinal mud on her face beside Bai Qinghao, how can she be told not to resent her?

It was obvious that Wu Jiatong saw Fang Xinxin completely disfigured that day.

After waiting for a few days, there was no news of Fang Xinxin's disfigurement.

Also, Fang Xinxin is so ugly at first, and it's okay to disfigure it.

Then she let everyone see how disgusting Fang Xinxin's true appearance was.

Fang Manxue saw a Sichuan opera changing face on the outside stage. This show matches the third sister very well, hahaha!

The host, Mo Shanshan, took advantage of the Sichuan Opera face-changing program on stage. She walked to the temporary lounge behind the scenes, ready to touch up her makeup.

Suddenly, a white silk covered her mouth and nose from behind, and she fainted instantly.

Fang Manxue dragged the unconscious Mo Shanshan into the changing room, grabbed the microphone in her hand, and stomped on her face, "Bitch, I'm the goddess of Beijing University. I always have programs in Beijing University." , I will preside over, and you are worthy to grab my place? But..."

Muttered to himself, "I won't blame you, all this is thanks to Fang Xinxin. I will go and kill that ugly bitch!"

Fang Manxue had already put on a red evening dress, stepped on the same red high heels, with big wavy and curly hair, a V-neck and a heavy make-up on her face.

Before passing the fitting mirror, she glanced at her beautiful face with satisfaction.

"Only I am worthy of Bai Qinghao in the world." Her eyes were gloomy.

It's a pity that her future was ruined by the **** opening video!

What she can't get will never let Fang Xinxin get it.

The boy who performed the face change of Sichuan Opera was Zheng Jun, a senior from Beijing University. He was about to retreat from the stage. Fang Manxue stepped onto the stage in ten cm high stiletto heels. "Senior Zheng Jun, wait a minute. The most exciting link requires your cooperation."

Zheng Jun was at a loss. When writing the script of the show, there were no other links?

But in the face of the 6,000 crowded audience in the Great Hall, there were still camera shots that were broadcast live on TV.