Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 567

Chapter 567:

He also stood on the stage cooperatively and did not go.

Fang Manxue saw the suspicious audience in the audience. She had a beautiful smile on her face and said openly, "That's it, the host Mo Shanshan is temporarily uncomfortable, so I will be a backup temporary substitute. Hello everyone, me It is a sophomore at Jinghua University, Fang Manxue."

People in the audience felt that there was a problem, and even the school leader Ma Yongting felt that something was wrong.

But it's not specific.

Ma Yongting, who has been preparing for the show's progress, looked for Mo Shanshan in the background, but did not see anyone.

If Fang Manxue was pulled down at this time, it would be really inappropriate.

Thinking that many of Jingda's programs were hosted by Fang Manxue, and the effect was good, I followed her.

"Hehe..." Fang Manxue smiled brightly. Because her makeup was so wicked today, she gave people a coquettish feeling under the stage lights, "Presumably everyone has heard of me during this time. Yes, I am National male **** Bai Qinghao's fiancee Fang Xinxin's sister."

The audience was whispering, but no one left.

Fang Manxue smiled and said, "Compared with the boring and the same show, although the theme party in Yuhua District tonight will be performed by the elderly and the young Beijing University students, it is still a bit monotonous after all. I and Sanmeifang Xinxin will give everyone a'surprise.' Please move the lighting engineer to Fang Xinxin in the auditorium on the second floor. I invite Fang Xinxin to the stage!"

In an instant, in the dark six thousand conference hall, a beam of white light enveloped Fang Xinxin's seat, and she became the focus of all eyes.

"Xinxin, what did your second sister do with moths?" Sun Jiamu next to her said worriedly.

Because she knew that Fang Xinxin hated Fang Manxue so much that it was impossible for her to surprise him.

Even Bai Qinghao frowned, he whispered, "I will take you away."

"Since my second sister is so kind, how can I escape right now?" Fang Xinxin smiled on the corners of her lips, and calmly stepped down the stairs on the second floor to the much-anticipated stage under the circular beam of light. .

Bai Qinghao's deep icy eyes saw a rare worries in his eyes.

On the stage, Fang Xinxin glanced at the grandly dressed Fang Manxue indifferently. The **** was really immutable and wanted to follow the historical path.

Even if it was not the host, she was invited to the stage as before.

Fang Manxue looked at Fang Xinxin in a white tunic and knee-length gown. The golden belt appeared to have a slender waist. His arms and calves were slender and white. With gold high heels, his figure could be perfected. describe.

"Fang Xinxin said that her face is a little ugly, but her figure is still good..." Many people whispered in the audience.

Manxue thought she would see Fang Xinxin's casual and sloppy dress, and let the audience see that her even clothes were so embarrassing, but she did not expect her dress to fit the stage.

Although disappointed, Fang Manxue did not show on his face, holding the hosts wireless microphone to speak in a clear voice, "Senior Zheng Jun just performed a wonderful Sichuan Opera face change for everyone. What you dont know is that my third sister is also very good at this. Tao."

"No, Fang Xinxin will change his face in Sichuan Opera?" someone shouted from the bottom of the stage.

Fang Manxue looked at everyones puzzled eyes and smiled and explained, "Think about it, my third sister is 187 kilograms, and she has lost more than ninety kilograms. Isnt that a big change. She will either bear a densely packed Or a layer of medicated mud is applied to his face every day."

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