Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 570

Chapter 570:

"Dear viewers, the most exciting time has come. Please watch Fang Xinxin from the second and third classes of Jinghua University, and also the performance of the fiance of the national male **** Bai Qinghao. The third ring of Sichuan Opera's face change!" Fang Manxue took the wireless The microphone vigorously helped out on stage.

The eyes of more than 6,000 spectators in the Great Hall were all focused on Fang Xinxin.

Including the scenes of watching live TV broadcasts, they also focused on Fang Xinxin.

Everyone held their breath and waited quietly.

Because the medicine mud on Fang Xinxin's face was dry, she only tore it a few times, and the medicine mud fell off in pieces.

Since she started applying the medicinal mud, she basically kept wet wipes at all times.

I took a single piece of wet wipes from the small pocket on the skirt, removed the outer plastic packaging, and wiped the wet wipes against the face, which is equivalent to washing my face.

Suddenly, a white face appeared.

I saw her eyes were as crystal clear as gems, glowing with clear light, the bridge of the nose was beautiful, the lips were not pointy, her crimson lips were moist and tender, and her slim devil figure, the proportions were perfect, it was almost three hundred and sixty. The stunning beauty without dead ends!

What's more weird is that the lens is zoomed in very close. Without any makeup, her skin is so good that it can be broken by blows, and no blemishes can be found at all.

[Fuck! Is this Fang Xinxin? Beautiful stay, it is the most perfect artwork in heaven!

[God, I have never seen such a beautiful girl, she is so beautiful!

[What Daji, Xishi, XX star, I packed the votes, those ancient and modern beauties are not worth mentioning in front of her! The beauty is over, no wonder she is Bai Qinghaos fiancee...]

The comment area on the media network has exploded.

The more than 6,000 live spectators in the Yuhua District Hall all held their breath and watched Fang Xinxin's peerless appearance from an initial surprise to almost stunned.

Everyone seemed afraid to miss a glance!

Jiang Xingnan sat at the bottom of the stage, so close to Fang Xinxin, he was equally surprised.

It's hard to accept that Fang Xinxin, who can be called the ugliest in the entire imperial capital, is too beautiful to describe in words.

When I think of him before, he always called Fang Xinxin ugly, ugly...

I really slapped myself.

Jiang Xingnan's heart was instantly hit by a hundred thousand super crit.

In a unit suite in a certain building in Hongsheng Community, Fang Shaohua kept staring at the beautiful face above the TV. Although unexpected, it was clear.

His Xinxin has always been a jewel-cut baby since he was born, hasn't he?

This is just her true appearance.

Fortunately, such a beautiful Xinxin is his Fang Shaohua's woman.

When the grievances are washed away and freedom is regained, he will definitely give her a bright future.

Long Shuhai and Fang Lilan in Fang's villa watched Fang Xinxin on TV, but they almost fell to the ground with their jaws.

"How could Fang Xinxin be so beautiful!" Fang Lilan stood up from the sofa sharply, accusing her, "She is the world's most ugly bastard, it's not her, it's not!"

"Lilan, don't get excited." Long Shuhai hugged her.

"I'm so angry!" Fang Lilan pushed him away and gave him a hateful look. "Mother has the same appearance, why can she give birth to such a beautiful daughter like Fang Xinxin with Long Yifan, you are so useless, Man Xue His appearance and body are not as good as Fang Xinxin."

"We Manxue are also very beautiful!"