Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Continue To Confess 2

Even if you want to enter the cell, you have to make this **** a big ugly.

Thinking that Fang Xinxin has no talent at all, Fang Manxues lips evoked a bad smile, "Thank you to senior Zheng Jun for cooperating with my third sister, Fang Xinxin, for performing the face change in Sichuan opera. Next, my third sister will perform one for you. Your own program."

When Zheng Jun walked off the stage, all the audience's eyes fell on Fang Xinxin.

However, the latter was silent for a few seconds, and the hall with six thousand people was quiet.

"Sanmei, where's your show?" Fang Manxue's smile looked very amiable.

Fang Xinxin told the truth, "I was temporarily put on the stage by you. I am a science student. I thought I was just an audience in the hall from beginning to end. No one ever asked me to prepare a show."

"Wow..." Thousands of people in the audience boiled over.

"Since Fang Xinxin doesn't know how to perform, she will step down and Chu Na is embarrassed!"

"She is so beautiful, she is so good that she can stand on it for everyone to appreciate."

"Fang Manxue is also true, I think she deliberately made Fang Xinxin ashamed. Poor Fang Xinxin, even if she loses her own face, even the face of the male **** Bai Qinghao has been lost to her..."

Sun Jiamu was so anxious that he would be hit if his friends were ashamed.

Jiang Xingnan stared at Fang Xinxin in the audience, hoping that she knew that even if she was beautiful, the position of Mrs. Bai Shao was still far away from her.

Bai Qinghao squeezed his fist, really wanted to kick Fang Manxue off the stage with a single kick. This bacon, she would never turn her back when she looked back!

His deep and cold eyes looked at Fang Xinxin's stunning appearance distressedly, considering whether to speak on stage to ease her embarrassment.

The audience in the audience kept whispering.

Fang Manxue on the stage added a handful of firewood, "There is a kind of person called a mere-looking, beautiful straw bag. This kind of person is the third sister, right? Standing on the stage but no show to perform, you are a monkey Are you kidding me?"

"Hahaha!" Manxue's humor provoked a lot of laughter from the audience.

"If you don't know how to perform, don't delay everyone's time. Hurry up and get off the stage!" Fang Manxue's voice became sharp.

Even if the catastrophe is overwhelming for a while, she can still retreat from this stage perfectly, still allowing Fang Xinxin to leave an incompetent and timid laughingstock under the eyes of everyone.

Bai Qinghao's tall and stalwart figure stood up suddenly, just about to leave the audience...

Fang Xinxin had a dazzling smile on Hua's face, "Since Fang Manxue has to force me to perform, then I will sing a song for everyone."

Upon hearing this, Bai Qinghao returned to his seat.

"When will you sing?" Fang Manxue squinted slightly.

"I don't need to report to you about my affairs." Fang Xinxin's sweet voice rang directly into the microphone. "The sound control behind the scenes, can you find me a soundtrack for "Don't Tell Me If You Are in Love"?"

Fang Manxue made trouble, "I'm sorry, I don't like this song!"

She wants to sing, maybe she sings well, pinch it! Don't let the **** show any limelight!

"Um..." The audience in the audience drank a booze over Fang Manxue's behavior.

Fang Xinxin is not annoyed, the smile in front of the camera is still the same, "Then, change to "The Love of Life is You", dedicated to all the audience and friends, but also to one person.

This time, without waiting for Fang Manxue to continue making trouble, the curling music sounded slowly.