Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 577

Chapter 577:

If the people close to him look closely, there is still a hazy mist in his sharp and deep eyes.

Of course, he will not cry in front of the highly anticipated camera.

There is nothing like tears for Bai Qinghao. He has always shed only iron and blood!

The calm and resolute face tried to conceal the waves and the waves were moved.

That kind of moving emotion overwhelmed Bai Qinghao's heart defense that had been built up over the years, and his iron-hard heart instantly turned into softness!

He never knew that Fang Xinxin was so affectionate for him.

Her love for him was as deep as the sea, so deep that he felt extremely sweet.

Even more unexpectedly, she has always been a bit as shy as her, and will confess to him under the eyes of everyone!

Bai Qinghao concealed the emotion that was so moved that he wanted to cry. The tall and stalwart figure left the audience and walked quickly onto the stage. He took the microphone in the hands of the host Shen Jie, stood a step away from Fang Xinxin, and watched affectionately. Holding her.

The cold male voice solemnly said, "Fang Xinxin, I love you!"

Thunderous applause sounded in the Great Hall, and waves of fierce applause were overwhelming.

Fang Xinxin's previous life and Bai Qinghao's husband and wife did not wait for him to say "I love you" for ten years.

Unexpectedly, I heard the words I dreamed of at this moment.

Her male **** said the three words himself in front of countless audiences.

So touched!

She threw herself into Bai Qinghao's arms.

Bai Qinghao hugged her slender body tightly, and opened her lips affectionately, "I love you, I love you, I love you..."

On the live TV screen, the images of the two embracing each other moved countless viewers.

Wow! So romantic! Fang Xinxin has a beautiful singing voice and a prosperous appearance. She is definitely a goddess. The love of the goddess is moving...]

[Bai Qinghao loves Fang Xinxin so much, envious, moved...]

[Fang Xinxin confessed that she is brave, and it's worth death to have a fiance who loves her so much!

The comments on the online media have blown up the pot, and more are blessings without exception.

Fang Shaohua was in the house, slumped weakly on the sofa and watched the scene of Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin embracing affectionately on the TV. His heartache was so painful that he shed two rows of tears.

Can't understand.

Xinxin, you are already my person, but you have abandoned me...

The pain spreads, and he looks like a person abandoned by the whole world.

Lonely, lonely, only pain.

No matter how unbearable, he pressed the remote control and turned off the TV.

Long Shuhai and Fang Lilan in Fang's villa were already shaking with anger, and they pointed to Fang Xinxin on the TV screen and cursed the bastard.

Below the stage of the Great Hall, in the middle of the first row of the auditorium, Jiang Xingnan's heart was as heavy as lead.

He, who doesn't know much about feelings, felt what it was like to get heartache for the first time.

Just like the heart, it broke a big hole.

Only Bai Chenxi was strongly unwilling. Fang Xinxin was originally a person who loved her deeply. Why was she in Bai Qinghao's arms?

Two lines of tears hung on Sun Jiamu's white face.

My first love is over, and my friends can find true love. I am really happy for her.

"Bai Qinghao, you are mine and mine!" Fang Manxue yelled with a shocked face. Because the microphone in her hand was turned off, the thousands of spectators in the Great Hall were only a few in the front row. One can hear her voice.

Everyone who heard her shout cast contemptuous glances at her.