Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 579

Chapter 579: Dove Occupying Magpie's Nest

Fang Xinxin didn't expect that the damned aunt Fang Liyin would pretend to be her mother!

Thinking of Fang Liyins grand entrance into Fangs family since seven or eight years ago, her biological mother Lilan has disappeared for seven or eight years...

Then... where has my biological mother Fang Lilan gone for so many years?

Fang Xinxin was suddenly afraid for a while.

She was afraid of the worst result.

Bai Qinghao also followed Fang Xinxin's reading, read the results of the Fang family's kinship test, and learned about the relationship between the Fang family members.

Looking at Xinxin's pale face, he guessed that she was worried about Fang Lilan's real situation...

"Don't be afraid." He stretched out his iron arm, held her tightly in his arms, and said distressedly, "I will send someone to find your biological mother Fang Lilan's whereabouts immediately."

Fang Xinxin buried her head in Bai Qinghao's arms, resting her head on his shoulders, her voice choked, "Bai Qinghao, do you think my mother will be okay?"

Fang Liyin pretended to be the hostess of the Fang family, and if she wanted to sit firmly in this position, she would definitely be afraid of long nights.

The real Fang Lilan is basically certain...

Bai Qinghao is not good at coaxing people and doesn't want to lie to her, so he said solemnly, "No matter what, I will always be by your side."

As you said, I will love you and love you for life.

"Woo..." Her tears finally fell uncontrollably, "You villain, you won't even lie to me. You tell me that my mother will not have an accident, and she must be waiting somewhere for home. !"

He knew in his heart that Bai Qinghao never lied to her because he loved her too much.

"Xinxin, Xinxin!" Bai Qinghao called her name deeply, and kissed her sad tears heartily, "I am here, I am here."

Fang Xinxin was tired of crying, he raised his hand and wiped the tears on her face with his fingers.

"My eldest brother has the right to know the truth." Fang Xinxin picked up her mobile phone, took pictures of the paternity test documents, and sent them to Fang Shaohua on WeChat. He edited a paragraph and told Fang Shaohua what he knew about Fang Liyin. thing.

She also sent the same content to her friend Sun Jiamu's mailbox.

A few minutes later, Fang Shaohua called, and as soon as she was connected, a particularly anxious male voice came from over there, "Sanmei, where are you? I'll come to accompany you!"

Bai Qinghao said coldly, "Don't bother you. My fiancee, I will accompany you."

"What's the point, Bai Qinghao, are you jealous with me?" Fang Shaohua's voice was obviously unhappy, "Xin Xin must be very sad now, Fang's family is occupied by three wolf-ambitious outsiders, and the door needs to be cleared!"

"Fang Xinxin is the only one in my heart. What qualifications do you have to make me jealous?" Bai Qinghao said that, for Fang Shaohua and Xinxin's nearly two decades of sibling relationship, especially Fang Shaohua's impure thoughts, he still cares, "Fang family matter , I will deal with it, without your presence."

"You..." Fang Shaohua wanted to say something else.

Bai Qinghao interrupted him and reminded him in a cold voice, "You are now a guilty body. If you appear in front of the Fang family thieves, let people know that you are not ill, but you are on parole for medical treatment. It will only cause unnecessary trouble to Xinxin. ."

"Brother, it's okay." Fang Xinxin also said to comfort, "Fang family affairs, I will take care of it, and will not let three outsiders occupy the magpie's nest. The price they should pay, don't want to run away! Do not worry."

After all, she hung up the phone directly.

On the other end of the phone, Fang Shaohua's lips curled up bitterly.