Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 580

Chapter 580: We Are Still A Family

Sure enough, a man who has lost his freedom is not qualified to give happiness to his beloved woman, or even to do anything for her.

At the entrance of the Great Hall of Yuhua District, Sun Jiamu first read the email sent by Fang Xinxin and was surprised by the relationship between the Fang family members.

Annoying Fang Liyin's family's doves occupying a magpie's nest, it is very unfair for friends.

I originally wanted to call to accompany my friends.

I saw my friend and Bai Qinghao sitting in a luxury Rolls-Royce car on the side of the road.

Sun Jiamu walked to the car, listened to Fang Xinxin and Fang Shaohua's phone call, looked at Bai Qinghao, and said, "Mr. Bai, Xinxin will trouble you to take care of it."

In this situation, Bai Qinghao's company is more important than her good friend.

"You don't need to confess." Bai Qinghao was expressionless.

Fang Xinxin gave her a calm smile, "Jia Mu, don't worry, I can bear any kind of wind and rain. I have something to go back to Fang's house first."

Sun Jiamu also knew that his friend was worried about the safety of his biological mother, but pretended to be strong.

Distressed and helpless.

I just nodded.

Bai Qinghao ordered the driver, and the Rolls-Royce drove to Fang's direction.

Fang Xinxin suddenly received a text message on her phone:

[Xinxin, is it convenient for me to give me Fang Shaohuas address? I'll see him for you.

It was sent by Jia Mu.

Fang Xinxin had told her about Fang Shaohua's unjust imprisonment. Jia Mu believed that her eldest brother was wronged, and she was very sympathetic.

After thinking for a while, she sent the address of Hongsheng Community and attached a sentence: [Thank you, Jia Mu.

[Good friend, dont be so polite. When Jia Mu responded with a hug expression.


In the courtyard of Fang's villa, Fang Xinxin just got out of the car, and'Fang Lilan' rushed up, "You bastard...you dead child, where did you go? Calling your mobile phone actually blocked me. I just wanted to go. Looking for you, you still know how to come back!"

Long Shuhai also came over very angrily, "Xinxin, how can you confess to Bai Qinghao under the attention of everyone? That's too uncultured!"

"Also, your second sister Man Xue's face has just been seen by the doctor, it is completely ruined, and there is no possibility of getting better!"'Fang Lilan' face was particularly ugly, and roared angrily, "You gave Manxue the medicine. is not it!"

As the elders, the two poured a bunch of accusations and scolding on Fang Xinxin, unaware that the time of death was coming.

After Bai Qinghao got out of the car, the temperature in the yard seemed to drop by several degrees, as if a thin layer of frost had formed in the air.

His tall and stalwart figure is so standing, and his bearing is as noble as a king over the world, so that people can only look up at the front.

"Bai...President Bai!" Long Shuhai immediately lowered his head doglegs, putting on a flattering expression, "You are coming here, why don't you say anything in advance."

He discussed with "Fang Lilan" that since Man Xue has been completely ruined, even if he is angry, only through Fang Xinxin can he live a good life.

Of course, if Fang Xinxin refuses to be controlled, he must kill that bastard!

There were smiles on the charming face of'Fang Lilan', and the sharp middle-aged female cursing voice immediately dropped ten tones, "son-in-law, you are here. I will be Xinxin's mother after all. Its just a fart, and the smoke disappears. Let's forget the past, we are still the closest family."