Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 589

Chapter 589:

Pretending not to see the alienation in Fang Shaohua's eyes, he stepped through the door first and put the fruit on the table of the restaurant, "Entrusted by others, loyal to others. I haven't finished reading it yet, keep watching."

I looked around in the house, simple and generous modern decoration style, compact apartment with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms, and a large balcony.

"The environment is good." She praised without hesitation.

God knows she is a wealthy daughter, and she never boasted even her own villa.

She still wanted to move around, but when she turned around, she actually ran into a hard wall. After Ding Qing took a look, Fang Shaohua stared at her with a dark face, "Can you roll?"

She touched the sore nose, "Hey, why are you like this? You don't have any kind of gentleman, I kindly came to see you..."

"You don't need to be kind."

"Fang Xinxin let me come!" she emphasized.

Xinxin... Fang Shaohua felt a pity in his heart when he heard this name.

Seeing that he was silent, Jia Mu felt that he was really a person who loves his sister, "That, Mr. Fang, even if we are strangers, for Xinxin's sake, they are half-baked. You must greet me for a cup of tea or something. Right?"

After that, I walked to the sofa and sat down, "I tell you, if I can't drink tea, I won't leave."

Fang Shaohua's face was ugly, "Are you interesting like this?"

"Yes." Sun Jiamu nodded, staring at his handsome face, implying that I was thirsty.

Seeing that this handsome guy is so serious, I just wanted to tease him.

A ray of anger flashed in Fang Shaohua's eyes, staring at her face for a second, picked up the disposable cup on the table, poured a cup of water from the pot and placed it on the coffee table in front of her, "Drink and get out of here!"

The thought of being framed, seriously injured, defiled, defiled and imprisoned makes him angry and hates women!

Except for Xinxin, no woman is good in the world!

Regarding the water that the handsome guy poured, Sun Jiamu ignored his anger, picked up the cup and drank it cheerfully, except that her drinking action was exceptionally slow.

A sip, a sip...

Half a glass of water, at her slow speed, I dont know if I can drink it all night?

Fang Shaohua is also a very patient person. Seeing her actions, he doesn't urge him, "You can leave after drinking."

If she didn't throw her out, it would be a face to Xinxin.

He turned around and returned to the study, opened the information interfaces of major companies, and began to analyze financial information.

The financial company he is linked to by Xinxin's name is developing rapidly. The more frustrated he is in love, the more he must work hard and be strong.

Otherwise, if you are so decadent, what will you do with Bai Qinghao?

No matter what, he must take back his Xinxin!

As soon as Fang Shaohua worked, he was so serious that he was so obsessed that he didn't even notice when he was prying on.

Sun Jiamu stood at the door of the open study, looking at his elegant figure sitting in front of the desk, his expression was so focused, his eyes were deep and sad and strong.

He pursed his thin lips, and his long eyelashes cast a fan-like shadow under his eyelids under the refraction of the light, which was very charming.

She was silly without knowing it.

There is a strong thought in her heart, this man is the true emperor she wants!

Xinxin said that Fang Shaohua has kept a certain distance from women since he was a child, and... is chu and male.

For such a man, Jia Mu felt that if he really fell in love with a woman, he would be very devoted.