Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 592

Chapter 592:

Fang Shaohua, who didn't even give her a look, finally gave her a surprised look, "Do you know what you are talking about?"

"I know." She nodded, "I want to be your girlfriend."

If only Xinxin said this. He didn't move at all, he just smiled ironically, "I rejected you, hurt your eldest lady's self-esteem, deliberately tried to hurt me, and kicked me again?"

"Hey, you can't think of me like that." Sun Jiamu's face sank, "This girl disdains the tricks of refusing to welcome. Moreover, I am not a person who hurts feelings."

"Heh..." He sneered, and a ray of dark bird flashed in his eyes, "A man like me, who is still in jail, rolls in at any time and stays for nine years. You don't need to waste your youth."

Sun Jiamu heard a deep sentimental feeling from what he seemed to carelessly said, "Don't belittle yourself."

"You sympathize with a prisoner so much, thinking that I will thank you?" He will only hate her even more, "I don't need anyone's sympathy!"

Sun Jiamu took a deep breath, not wanting to have a misunderstanding between the two, "I admit that I have sympathy for you because you were wronged. A young man with a bright future is treated like this, no one can bear it. but"

I looked at his handsome appearance without concealing it from him, "You have too many good qualities to attract me. I think you are so handsome, and the melancholy and determined temperament makes me move. Then, you will get medical treatment outside. , You are not innocent, but you have not exposed yourself to abandon yourself and become self-reliant. Who likes you to be able to start a company in such adversity? Can you still buy such an expensive car? Of course, a man in good condition, I see more . For my Sun Jiamu, what I am after is your unyielding quality."

If she doesn't say anything, he doesn't even know that he has so many advantages. Fang Shaohua was taken aback for a moment, a touch of unconsciousness flashed through his gloomy heart. After a long while, he asked calmly, "Why believe that I am wronged?"

"Xinxin told me about your specific case." He didn't even want her daughter, the eldest daughter, to send him home. She said, "Why would you touch a nightclub lady? Not to mention that the victim Sun Fangfang tried beforehand. Hooked over you. If you are really interested, you don't need to be strong at all. Xinxin said that Fang Liyin's family must have framed you. I believe my good friend. I know you and absolutely believe in you."

She patted him on the shoulder, her eyes flashed with determination, "You will definitely be wronged."

"Thank you." He is not an unreasonable person, except Fang Xinxin, Sun Jiamu is the second person to believe that he was wronged.

Soon, the car drove to the door of Qianshanwan Villa, and Sun Jiamu got off the car a little bit reluctantly, "Well, if there is a place I can help, just speak up."

"No need." Fang Shaohua never likes to owe favors to others.

"Thank you for sending me back." Before she finished speaking, he kicked the accelerator and the vehicle drove away from her sight.

"Hey..." Sun Jiamu stared at the taillights of the car going away, "You haven't answered yet, do you want me to be your girlfriend?"

He took out his mobile phone and flipped through the address book to find out Fang Shaohua's mobile phone number. When I visited him in Hongsheng Community before, I asked for the address.

Xinxin was afraid she could not find it, and even told her Fang Shaohua's phone number.