Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 594

Chapter 594:

In the spirit of waste utilization, Fang Xinxin felt that the three used items were all precious and it was a pity to throw them away, so they sold them all to second-hand goods companies, earning a small income.

One morning, Bai Qinghao ordered the housekeeper Zhao Cheng to re-purchase the household appliances in Fang's villa, and they were all high-end.

Fang Xinxin originally wanted to give Bai Qinghao money. At the moment he is sitting on the new imported leather sofa drinking coffee, his face is cold, his aura is noble and dignified.

Naturally aloof is not prestigious.

She just didn't dare to say that she would give him money.

Ugh. What he has most is money. Give it to him. Not only will he not ask for it, he will be angry.

Fang Xinxin thought about it again, and didn't mention it.

She answered the call from Sun Jiamu. Before she could speak, the other party said first, "My dear, why don't you say that your big brother Fang Shaohua is so handsome?"

Fang Xinxin just wanted to say proudly, "Can my brother not be handsome?" , he glanced at Bai Qinghaos cold eyebrows, fearing that he would be jealous, so he had to fight haha, "Its normal."

"What's so common? Fang Xinxin, what look in your eyes, your brother is really handsome!" The other party didn't give up.

"Hehe." Fang Xinxin said with a smile, "It looks like you have a good impression of my brother."

"Yes." Sun Jiamu, "I think Fang Shaohua is really good. I don't know when his unjust case will be cleared up? Although you know I can't help you, if there is, don't be polite with me."

"Thank you." Fang Xinxin mentioned this, a little happy, "My brother's innocence information, the lawyer has already submitted enough, this afternoon at 2:30, the court opened, after the verdict, my brother can regain his freedom. !"

"Really? Great! Which court? I'm going to listen."

"Emperor City Yuhua District Court."

Fang Xinxin reported his address and didn't think much about Sun Jiamu's joy.

After all, Jia Mu is a wealthy daughter. Although his eldest brother is very good in his own eyes, he has been in jail in the eyes of the world.

Therefore, she didn't think about Sun Jiamu's attitude towards Shaohua in any other way, only that she was happy for her friend.

Bai Qinghao waited for Xinxin to hang up, grabbed her delicate body, and said in a deep voice, "In your heart, Fang Shaohua really only looks mediocre?"

Fang Shaohua's appearance is indeed of high grade, and his fiance is a little bit suspicious of open-eyed talk.

"Don't care about my eldest brother's appearance, in my heart, you are the most handsome." Fang Xinxin kindly sips on his handsome face.

Bai Qinghao was very useful and didn't bother about it.


At 2:30 in the afternoon, Yuhua District Court

The trial of Fang Shaohuas case is nearing completion, and everyone stood up and the judges majestic voice pronounced: "To sum up... the evidence shows that the murderer of the victim Sun Fangfang was Yang Xueyao. The case of Yang Xueyao is dealt with in another case. Fang Shaohua is not guilty and is released in court!"

During the public trial, Fang Xinxin had long recruited many reporters. She wanted everyone in the world to know that her elder brother Fang Shaohua was innocent.

There are many people in attendance.

As soon as the sentence was pronounced, there was enthusiastic applause among the hearing group.

Especially Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu's slaps became popular.

"Mr. Fang, how do you feel at this moment?" A reporter took a microphone and spoke to Fang Shaohua.

"Finally I'm innocent, thank my third sister for helping me reverse the case." Fang Shaohua's elegant eyes crossed the crowd and settled on Fang Xinxin.