Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 595

Chapter 595:

When Jia Mu saw that he didn't look at himself at all, a ray of loss flashed in his eyes.

But when I think of Xinxin rushing and working hard for his case, the two brothers and sisters are deeply affectionate, and they feel that his reaction should be right.

Since Fang Xinxin greeted the reporters, no one would ask sharp questions, and more of them were happy scenes for him.

The victim Sun Fangfang walked over and bowed to Fang Shaohua, "I'm sorry, Mr. Fang, I didn't figure out the situation, and I made a mistake for the perpetrator, which made you sit in unjust prison for three years."

No one would doubt Fang Shaohua's innocence.

The process by which Yang Xueyao harmed her has been exposed because it was photographed by the thief Wang Liangping.

Fang Shaohua wanted to kill Sun Fangfang.

She was victimized, violent, forceful, defiled, and defiled, and she lost the right to be a mother.

What about him?

Three years ago, the innocent was accused by her of being a murderer, and she spent three years in jail for nothing!

Three years have been missed, the future has been lost, the pressure of public opinion, the misery of prison, all kinds of injustice...Who will give him justice?

Frankly speaking, for a lady like Sun Fangfang, let alone any thoughts, he would be dirty if he touched it!

In front of the media, especially today, Fang Shaohua didn't want to make it too ugly, and said coldly, "The matter is over."

Fang Shaohua passed Sun Fangfang and walked to Fang Xinxin, staring slightly at her stunning face.

Her facial features are exceptionally delicate, her skin is fair, and her eyes are bright and dazzling like stars; just standing there is a beautiful landscape that makes people unable to look away.

Free, he can finally pursue her with integrity!

His Xinxin, how much he wants to hold her in his arms at this moment!

Naihe, Bai Qinghao's tall and cold figure blocked his sight.

Bai Qinghao's sharp eyes scanned the deep emotion hidden in Fang Shaohua's eyes, and there was an urge to send him back to prison again.

But if you do that, Xinxin will be sad.

He arrogantly wrapped Fang Xinxin's shoulders and coldly declared his possession, "Fang Shaohua, pay attention to your words and deeds."

"Don't bother, you bother." Fang Shaohua wondered if he should open his mind.

Seeing Fang Xinxin leaning in Bai Qinghao's arms. It suddenly became clear that if he said his mind, it would only increase her troubles.

Bai Qinghao deliberately reminded him after seeing through his mind.

The last thing he wanted was Xinxin's embarrassment.

What's more, at this stage, what is he doing to **** people from Bai Qinghao?

Only forbearance will be qualified to compete with Bai Qinghao when he becomes stronger in the future!

Sun Jiamu rushed to him with a happy smile on his face, "Fang Shaohua, I am so happy for you!"

Unexpectedly, he was acquitted so soon.

Fortunately, she confessed early last night that when he was guilty, she would be his girlfriend, maybe she could make a good impression.

However, she also knew that Xinxin had been busy reversing Shaohua's case for a long time, and he had been waiting for today's result for a long time.

Fang Shaohua didn't give Sun Jiamu a single sight, only Fang Xinxin could be seen in his warm eyes.

Fang Xinxin was afraid that people would see his thoughts, and said quickly, "Brother, Fang Liyin's family of three has been sent to prison, let's go home."

When Bai Qinghao heard the words, his black eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

He does not like his fiance and Fang Shaohua being alone.

However, the two are foster siblings who grew up together since childhood, and they indeed came from the same family.

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