Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 596

Chapter 596:

"Yeah." Fang Shaohua nodded.

The group returned to Fang's villa.

Fang Shaohua stood in the courtyard, looking at the long-lost Fang family, with a shallow mist of tears in his eyes.

Forced to leave home for more than three years.

Today, he is finally back!

There is an urgent matter in Bai Qinghao's company, so I went to work first, only Sun Jiamu and Fang Xinxin came back with them.

Fang Xinxin stood beside Fang Shaohua, watching the tears in his eyes, and said distressedly, "Big brother, you have suffered!"

When Shaohua heard the words, her gloomy heart was sour, and she could no longer restrain her inner impulse. She hugged Fang Xinxin into her arms, choked up and said, "Xinxin, you are also suffering. Brother is back, in the future, brother. I will protect you!"

"Brother!" Xinxin also shed tears.

Even if the elder brother has strange feelings for her, at least, he never hurt her.

In her heart, he is her real brother.

This is just a simple embrace of a brother and sister, she has a true heart.

Sun Jiamu watched the scene of her brother and sister working together and listened to the conversation between the two. He was moved, ooh, she really wanted such a good brother.

However, she didn't want to be Shaohua's sister, but his wife.

The three walked into the lobby of the Fang familys villa. The six servants were already standing by. Fang Xinxin introduced Fang Shaohua to the servants one by one, and then said, "The servants of the Fang family were all Fang Liyins minions. I have all fired. I recruited all six of them. Brother, take a look, do you need to recruit another person?"

"No need." Fang Shaohua shook his head and looked around the high-end new furniture in the house. "Furniture and electrical appliances are all new?"

Fang Xinxin originally wanted to say that Bai Qinghao bought it. She was afraid that her brother would not like it, so she simply nodded, "Well. I dont like the things used by Fang Liyins family of three. I sold all the things they used. I will give you the money later. ."

"You just keep it." He shook his head.

He couldn't wait to give her all his assets, how could he ask for her money.

What's more, she helped herself reverse the case, rushed around, and asked someone to find the thief Wang Liangping, and spent a lot of money on legal fees.

Fang Xinxin felt that she didn't care about that with her brother, "I will keep the money for selling the second-hand goods."

Fang Shaohua's gaze fell on Sun Jiamu in the living room, chasing the guests indifferently, "You can go now."

"Brother, what are you talking about!" Fang Xinxin sullenly, with a slight anger, "Jia Mu is my distinguished guest, and my home is half the same as hers. If you do this, I am angry!"

"Have you heard?" Sun Jiamu raised his lips triumphantly, "Mr. Fang Shaohua, I am in my own home. I plan to live here for a long time."

It's near the water tower, I'm afraid I won't be able to hook him to Fang Shaohua.

Fang Xinxin immediately raised her hands to welcome, "Ok, Jia Mu, as long as you like to live."

Fang Shaohua's sight only fell on Fang Xinxin, "How about you, live at home, right?"

He knew that she had been living in the Imperial Court all this time.

"Uh..." Fang Xinxin said embarrassedly, "Big Brother, I..."

Sun Jiamu was embarrassed by his friends, and robbed him for a while, "You big brother don't read the news about your sister? She and Bai Qinghao have a good relationship now. You have to separate them. As the saying goes, you would rather demolish a temple. , Do not ruin a marriage..."

"Shut up!" Fang Shaohua screamed intolerably. Xinxin belongs to him!