Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 598

Chapter 598:

When Shaohua saw her looking in her direction, she knew she was waiting for herself.

So he bit the bullet and drove the car in front of her and stopped, getting out of the car anxiously to explain, "Sanmei, I am not following you..."

"Brother, there is no need to explain." She smiled, "You are just worried about my safety, but don't worry. I will take care of myself."

He hesitated to speak.

She deliberately didn't give him a chance to talk in depth, to avoid what happened that day, but he didn't want to avoid it.

She faintly said, "Fang Liyin has already been interrogated by torture, and her mouth is so stiff that she doesn't tell where our mother is going. She said that she would not tell her where she died, but she insisted that when she arrived at Fang's house, our mother had disappeared. Up."

"So, you are here..." Fang Shaohua stared at her incomparably beautiful face, "It doesn't work to be in a moving mood with Fang Liyin.

"I have a way to let her tell the truth about the matter." She raised a bag of clothes and makeup props in her hand.


In the dim single cell, Fang Liyin was curled up in the corner with wounds.

With Bai Qinghao's special care, she had been beaten to the point that she was left with a breath, and she hadnt gotten enough water all day.

Suddenly, a gloomy wind blew into the cell, making her shiver with cold.

The prison doesn't even have a window, so how can there be wind?

She looked suspiciously in the direction of the iron fence.

Squeak, a cry.

The iron door of the cell opened automatically.

The heavy footsteps approached, and she heard someone walk into the cell and looked hard with her eyes open, but no one was seen.

Could it be... a ghost?

Fang Liyin paled instantly.

"Ha ha ha... Ha ha ha..." A stern and resentful female voice sounded in the cell, "Sister, I'm coming to see you!"

"You...who are you?" asked carefully.

"Yinyin, why did you forget your sister?" The woman's voice chuckled, "Sister is so lonely down there alone, come down and accompany me!"

"Ah, you are Fang Lilan!" Only Fang Lilan would call her that. Fang Liyin suddenly paled and exclaimed with excitement, "Here, there are ghosts and ghosts!"

However, this dark cell seemed to have been forgotten, no matter how she screamed, half of her figure did not appear.

"Don't be afraid of Yinyin..." A cold palm suddenly touched Fang Liyin's cheek, "The time has come, my sister just came to pick you up and reunite..."

Fang Liyin really felt the cold ghost hand touch her face, but she was empty in front of her, and she couldn't see the half figure. This is not hell, what is it!

She said with a shaking voice, "Sister, I was wrong, I was wrong, I shouldn't kill you, you let me go!"

The air seemed to freeze for a while, and Fang Lilan suddenly appeared in front of Fang Liyin out of thin air wearing a set of red clothes she used to wear.

She had disheveled hair, covered her long hair in front of her, covering most of her face, but she could see her white complexion from the moment of her hair, "Why, why I was so good to you back then, helped you raise your daughter, supported you several times, you You want to kill me!"

Fang Liyin was so scared that she almost lost her voice when she saw the female ghost appearing. She backed away in terror until her body was stuck on the wall of the cell without retreat. She trembled, "Sister...I, I...we owed huge gambling debts back then. After being chased by the creditor, you had nowhere to go. You paid me back a few times, but you stopped being patient with me as a gambler. If you don't kill you, I have no money to pay the debt...