Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 603

Chapter 603:

In the previous life, Fang Xinxin had a miscarriage and went blind, and then became paralyzed.

There is no direct evidence to indicate that Bai Jingrou did it, but after she relived her life, after deliberation, only Bai Jingrou was the most suspicious.

The Bai family is heavily guarded, and there are many things that can't be done without ghosts.

Moreover, Bai Jingrou is particularly terrifying, can hypnotize, and looks kind and virtuous on the surface, and his rank is much higher than Fang Manxue.

The Long Family is a century-old family with a well-known reputation. Its Long Family Group is a leader in global companies. It is second to the Bai Family in terms of ability and financial resources.

But the daughter of the Long clan's heir is barely worthy of the Bai family's lintel.

Although the Long Group said that it had a big business, its heirs died down.

Long Jingyuan, the old chairman of the Long Group, originally had three sons, but his eldest son died young and his second son, Long Guodong, died in a car accident some time ago. The third son, Long Xuan, disappeared 25 years ago and has not been found yet.

Regrettably, none of Long Jingyuan's three sons left a son and a half. Therefore, the Long family, which has a large family, faces the risk of heirs.

Fang Xinxin checked the news on the Internet and reported that Bai Jingrou had been paternity tested and that she was the daughter of the missing third son of Longxuan.

It is the granddaughter of Long Jingyuan, the old chairman of the Long Family.

The hottest news now is either from all parties in the media congratulating Chairman Long on finding his granddaughter, or Bai Jingrou crying in front of the media, saying that her biological father died of a serious illness, and that her father found herself before he died and told her about her life experience.

Fang Xinxin closed her eyes, and what Bai Jingrou had said in her mind, "Fang Xinxin, look at you, you are not only blind, but paralyzed. A lintel like your Fang family is simply a blood-sucking worm from the Bai family. You Not worthy to be my cousin, really. You let my cousin Bai Qinghao go, he deserves a better woman."

"But there is no other woman beside Bai Qinghao." She felt inferior in her previous life.

"In any case, Madam Bai's position definitely does not belong to you!"

Bai Jingrou's words seemed to be echoing in her ears.

After entering the Bai family in the last life, everyone believed that only Bai Jingrou was worthy of Bai Qinghao.

His identity as the heir of the Long clan can be said to be the opposite of Bai Qinghao, the only heir of the Bai family.

Bai Jingrou hid too deeply, she didn't understand what that woman thought until she died.

At least, I didn't hear him say he likes Bai Qinghao. Maybe she confessed to Bai Qinghao secretly, without knowing it?

In memory, Fang Xinxin was so stupid that he pushed Bai Qinghao against Bai Jingrou several times, but he always treated himself the same.

In this life, she will not be so stupid.

Looking at the touching photos of Chairman Long and Bai Jingrou's grandparents hugging together, Fang Xinxin frowned.

Inexplicably, she looked at Chairman Long's face and couldn't look away, always feeling that there was a familiar charm on his face.

what is it then?

Can't remember for a while.

However, she remembered that within a year or two after this, Chairman Long suddenly died of a heart attack.

Originally, Bai Jingrou, the Longs property, did not take over. After Chairman Long died, Bai Jingrou inherited the Long Groups property as the legal heir without a will.

Fang Xinxin found several pictures of Chairman Long Lao and looked amiable and in good spirits.